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  1. L

    Question AMD 9590 cpu revival. 180$/yearPc. Old beast not yet overclocked.

    Hi, First off i know the chip is hot, old and disliked by some but i love it and the challenge is tasty. I'm trying to revive my 9yo 9590 beast. :) i was hoping to get some advice doing it. It stopped working 1 1/2 year ago after replacing my 290x gpu with msi 470 4gb. My guess is either psu or...
  2. N1njaDestr0yer

    [SOLVED] Are the 1st and 2nd gen i7's and i7 k's really worth buying? or no, just curious

    Hello Tom Hardware Enthusiasts I had a question in terms of older CPUs.... Are the 1st and 2nd gen i7's really worth the money (In 2020) or no they are not, because I see all these "Gaming PC's" that have i7 2600's (i7 2600K) and i7 920's (and the i7 930, i7 950 and i7 960) but I am not sure...