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  1. LadyLoztris

    Discussion What should you do with an old desktop PC ? (4 TIPS)

    Got the erratic solution in your brain, whether thinking if you should do something to an old desktop of yours?? Good news that I've got you covered!! SOLUTION 1: Install a lightweight Linux distro. You might be thinking, should we trust that one guy who started working in Tom's Hardware in...
  2. mzama.mzama

    About Overclocking CPU

    Hello. i want to know if i can't Overclock my CPU to 4.8MHz or 5.0MHz is it safety Overclock ??? My hardware : CPU: i5 7600k GPU:1070 TI MB: Z270 GAMING PLUS POWER SUPPLY : 650W RAM: 8GB CPU COOLER : Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2