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  1. LadyLoztris

    Discussion What should you do with an old desktop PC ? (4 TIPS)

    Got the erratic solution in your brain, whether thinking if you should do something to an old desktop of yours?? Good news that I've got you covered!! SOLUTION 1: Install a lightweight Linux distro. You might be thinking, should we trust that one guy who started working in Tom's Hardware in...
  2. LadyLoztris

    Question Which Linux distro should i install on an HP Compaq dc5850 ?

    So, which Linux distro should I install for a school's desktop? (Prediction: I don't know if the school will let me install Linux at home).) Btw they aren't being used, I bet there are 4 models of that desktop at school. Specs: (my prediction based on the google searches) AMD Athlon X2 64...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] Desktop upgrade. i need some advices

    Hi all, i finally got at that stage where my old 7 year old desktop needs an upgrade; i currently own the following system: i5 3570k @4.0GHz 8 Gb ddr3 MAXIMUS V GENE Z77 Gtx 670 2Gb Palit Now i am a bit undecided if i should just update the graphic card with a 1660 super (i only play...
  4. clintox

    Play two different audio outputs through speakers and headphones (Chrome and say Kodi/media player)

    Would really appreciate a solution... I have a one year old who is constantly on me while I'm on the computer. Sometimes I'm holding her with my arms and sometimes she's in one of those carrier things. Anyway, I am trying to study for insurance exams and other things that require me to watch...