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  1. Mk782001

    Question Problems I can face on an Old Laptop?

    Hey Guys, Sorry if the title is vague, didn't knew what to right. Soo, here is the problem. My friend has an old Dell Vostro 1550 (2gb variant), it was his old man's, now he wanna use it for college work and college work alone. He's willing to get a 240gb ssd to replace his old hdd and add 4gb...
  2. Macoiynemo

    Install window10 on AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm)

    Can i install window10 (64bit) on my old laptop? Software will use : Zoom, google meet, skype and teams Chrome/Microsoft edge Microsoft Office 2019/2016 Questions : What is the maximum resolution can i play on youtube. The three list on software can i encounter lag? What is the maximums Ghz...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Is processor still good and will it affect my laptop if not?

    Hello people. I'm a total newbie to these things, I'm wondering if I could use a processor from a laptop that haven't been used for years. So here the case. I have an old laptop with a core i7 processor that I have stopped using for approximately 4-5 years, 'cause the screen was broken and the...
  4. H

    Question Old laptop with legacy bios, GBT or MBR does it matter?

    Hello, I am converting an old laptop into a home media server. I already did a clean windows 10 install on it and my HDD is set to MBR. My old laptop is a legacy bios, therefore non-uefi (confirmed using system information). I am running less than 2TB and using an HDD not an SSD. Does it...
  5. TheFunSun

    [SOLVED] What are the best upgrades for dell inspiron 1545?

    So I have an old dell inspiron 1545 laptop and want to upgrade some of its components so that it runs faster. I am aware that upgrading is not worth it and it is better to buy a new laptop but I can't buy one for while. I have currently upgraded the ram from 2gb to 8gb. And I upgraded the wifi...
  6. AndBaggio

    Old Sony Vaio FS115S (from 2005) how to put it to use?

    So I have an old Sony Vaio FS115S bought in 2005. I would like to use it somehow so that my kid can use it for school. Do I have any hope that it will still work or should I just give up and put it in the trash? I tried putting Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows Thin PC, but it seems like...
  7. E

    Question Fujitsu beep code

    Hi there. My Fujitsu Lifebook SH560 broke. I turned it on andbit displays nothing. Power indicator is on. Then, it beeps. It's 1 long, 2 short, a pause/break and another 2 short (1-2-2???). The BIOS is Phoenix 1.13. So, I tried removing the CD drive (since it's removable), but something else...
  8. A

    Question Old MacBook Pro won’t start.

    It was working fine until I left it sitting for about 9-10 months, now when I press the power button nothing happens. I’ve already put in a new battery and reset the PRAM and SMC. I got a new laptop about 6 years ago to replace this one. I didn’t get around to trying to sell the old one for...
  9. V

    [SOLVED] Can i upgrade my laptop processor?

    So i have an old laptop. It's a Compaq CQ43 and it's equiped with Intel Pentium B940 on G2 socket. Question is, can i upgrade my latop to core i5 2520m because it's using the same socket with my motherboard. And if it can, will it caused any Problem to my laptop, power consumption maybe, my...
  10. A

    Question Laptop hp 625 randomly freezes.

    Hey guys, i am new to this forum. although i kept searching for a solution to my problem on this forum and other i did not find any. To make it short, i own an HP 625 laptop with 4gb ram, 320gb HDD storage, integrated ati radeon 4250 video card and AMD Turion II Dual-Core P540 2.4GHz processor...
  11. C

    Is there a way i can get my computer to run better?

    Recently my computer has been dropping a lot of frames. It has something to do with my cpu. I also mixed 2 4gb ram sticks with 2 1gb stick to get 10gb of RAM (I've done that about a year ago). If you guys need more info let me know. Thanks. http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/6180705
  12. D

    What about this looks wrong?

    Been experiencing a lot of PC system crashes while gaming, there is no sign showing why this would occur. The crashes do not come with any lag, or anything noticeable. Just one second playing, next im not. Trying to diagnose the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a link to a...
  13. J

    Sandisk Cruzer Fit

    My sandisk cruzer fit cannot working properly in windows XP professional. it shows Code 28. Is there anything I should do / should down load to solve this problem? Regards, Joni
  14. L

    Can my Motherboard run this RAM ?

    Hi , I have GA-B75M-D3V motherboard and I want to buy Corsair Vengeance Pro Series DDR3 2x8GB, 2133MHz, CL11 ( CMY16GX3M2B2133C11 ) RAM . Does my motherboard supports this ram and speed ? My processor is Intel Core i5-3570 Currently I'm using (CMX4GX3M1A1600C11) 2x4Gb
  15. R

    new pc build won't connect to the internet

    Hey Guys, Just built a new pc and everything came out great when it came to putting it together. But now after I installed the os and tried to connect to the Internet via wired connection, My system says there are no available connections. The ethernet port on the back doesn't light up. I...
  16. R

    If I am using an AMD FX-8320, would an r9 270x or a 760 be better?

    Does having both an amd cpu and gpu make for better performance.