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  1. Question Need the best possible configuration for very old motherboard

    Dell OEM OptiPlex GX520 SFF Desktop Motherboard (System Mainboard) - UT806 the only thing I know about this motherboard is the name and I also have photo, I need the best possible configuration, money doesn't matter
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Can my "ASUSTeK Computer Inc. M51BC (socket942) motherboard use a PCI Adaptor to use a M.2 SSD

    Hello Tom's Hardware I've recently swapped from a Dell Laptop to an old Asus desktop and i'm trying to move my SSD over to it. I've purchased an "M.2 to PCIE" Adaptor from Amazon and i've slotted my SSD into the desktop and it isn't appearing on the drives. I didn't expect this to work so after...
  3. King4bood

    Question Is an Intel I5 8400 Coffee lake compatible with a 06D7TR Motherboard

    Just want to know if I could upgrade my system a bit thx ;)
  4. J

    stuck in shell, bios not working

    I have an msi motherboard, and in the bios i turned on windows 10 support, and everytime i boot, i go into a 'shell' thing, and the bios is glitched and not working, how do i atleast get the bios working and getting out of shell?
  5. S

    Upgrade my PC or Buy a new one

    Specs: Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 Ghz 4 Gb RAM GForce GT 430 P55A-UD3P Motherboard. I know I've already posted about what video card I should get I just want your opinion on whether or not upgrading could be worth it compared to buying a new computer. I am poor so upgrading is more...
  6. D

    dell xps13 or Acer v5 nitro?

    Which is the better laptop for the $$