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  1. C

    Question Buying a Windows XP computer for Games

    I want to play some of my old PC games again mainly Black and White 1 & 2 also Sims 1 and SimAnt. I checked Amazon and found two Windows XP computers, I don't mind if I can't play on High Setting, I just want to make sure they won't lag and it will run Black & White 2? Which one should I get...
  2. Patryk Dolecki

    Question Can someone help find that game?

    Hi! So I've been recently trying to find an old pc platform kinda game I used to play. It starts with a kid beeing looked up by his school teacher in a clasroom cupboard because was misbehaving. After the bell rings and he runs out going home through town when somehow he gets teleported to...
  3. NiskaOfTheAI

    Question PC game, can't remember the name, please help if you can.

    This game is one of those old kids edutainment types, but I haven't found anything so far that matches my memory. It had multiple activities, including- I think it was a puzzle game? And when you did all the pieces right, the picture would move and a jazzed up instrumental tune of 'Happy...