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    Question For those who have old rig and random reboots/shutdown

    Hi guys, I just want to share my experience in order to help some fellas who have symptoms like mine. I have an old setup : 3770k + Asrock z68 + 16gb ddr3 1866 + Seasonic G650W The last 2 weeks I had some random reboot/shutdown sometimes on the boot step, sometime on windows and sometime...
  2. Y

    Question gaming on old rig

    Helloo in my country new gaming bundles cost a lot of money and i want to play fifa 19 with my friends so i went for some old cheap components the gpu i bought is """GV-N450-512I """" firstly i thought its a 1gb of Vram but its a 512 mb version my quastion is can i get a smooth gameplay...