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Forum discussion tagged with oldpc.
  1. T

    Question PC Upgrade

    Hi everyone, I was thinking about upgrading my Acer Aspire m3985 from 2011/2012. It has 6 gbs of RAM, an Intel i7 3770 and a gt 620 (with a 300w power supply, i think). Is it a good idea? Or should I buy a new PC? I wanted to buy some components for like 150/200 euros, like a gt 1030, a 450/500w...
  2. AlexanderRVZ

    [SOLVED] New pc for games like rust help

    Now I’m not to sure if this is the correct forum or not but I have a 7+ year old computer. I don’t know anything about computers whatsoever so I really don’t want to build one. I’ve done some research but most of it is stuff I’m to stupid to understand. I’d rather buy a prebuilt one. Now I know...
  3. D

    can i upgrade 8gb ram on 6 gb supported laptop?

    hi I have HP pavilion g6-1210se laptop i3 ,4gb ram and 500gb hdd, in my laptop manual it showing up-gradable to 6gb maximum, I want increase ram so i am planing to buy 4gb, can I add another 4gb? If I add 8gb (4+4) it will work? please help me .
  4. K

    Newer card, same type not working

    So, I have a XPS 8300. I got a newer AMD radeon 5450 2Gb card. Currently, I have a AMD Radeon 5450 1Gb card. The 1Gb works fine. The 2Gb won't display any video. Either from it or from the mobo display. The 1 Gb and 2Gb card works in an older machine I have, and so I know everything on their own...