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  1. BuckCity

    Question Can't get ARC to work?????????

    I have a 55 LG OLED55C7P tv hooked up to a Yamaha rx-377 receiver. And when I try to use the Netflix app on my tv. I cant get audio through my receiver. I managed to get ARC to work a couple months ago. By switching to the hdmi port on the tv that says ARC on it. Which is HDMI 2. Then press the...
  2. B

    FX6300 vs. i3 4130

    I'm upgrading my CPU, Motherboard, and graphics card. I'm pretty set on the 750 ti. However, I'm pretty torn on the processor. I don't know which would be better, the i3 4130 or the FX6300. Which one will perform better, both now and later? Would it be worth it to pay the extra 30 dollars and...
  3. T

    AMD overdrive boot

    Help meeee. Hi I need help I can't get AMD overdrive to open with windows already tried putting shortcut in start up folder and nothing. I am using windows 8.1 home premium.
  4. A

    compatibility ide sata

    on win xp if i add a sata drive to my primary ide drive (with the coupler) will it work