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Forum discussion tagged with onedrive.
  1. A

    Question Does downloading from OneDrive give the uploader my name?

    I went into a link of someone who shared his file on OneDrive and I saw my username and all at the top corner. Does it give him my username when I download his file?
  2. schnydz

    Question Best 2-drive NAS with cloud backup

    Hi Folks, Looking for a 2-drive NAS preferably with fire/water protection and ability to back up to 3rd party cloud storage like OneDrive. Any suggestions? Found the ioSafe 218 NAS (https://iosafe.com/products/218-nas/ ). I'm thinking since this uses Synology’s OS it may be possible to use its...
  3. Question OneDrive messed my images up?

    I had OneDrive and instead of trying to figure out the program and have it stop hiding my documents, I ended up uninstalling it after copying my stuff back to My Documents. However, all the images that I had aren't previewing properly. See below. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Jose6point2

    Question Computer running slow

    Having an issue that’s been bothering me for about week now. One day I booted up my computer and the computer has been super slow, my desktop wallpaper was removed and replaced. Also my OneDrive has syncing issues. I also get this error message. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you soo much.
  5. A

    [SOLVED] File Recovery After Failed OneDrive Backup

    Hi there, I was attempting to perform a clean install of Windows 10 on a family member's computer, something I've done easily in the past. I was making sure to backup on the local files, using the family member's OneDrive account. Unfortunately, I didn't check to make sure the files backed up...
  6. Question How to disable Windows Security's annoying OneDrive nag

    Windows Security (was Defender) is installed, but OneDrive is not installed within my OS Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1809 (build 17763.348). I copy all of my HDD content to an external HDD device as part of my computer’s disaster recovery and thereby inhibit Microsoft harvesting my personal...
  7. T

    Question Microsoft Office 365 office365 Excel: setting up notification when an entry is made

    Hi All hoping someone can help and that this is the right place for my question, I am trying to setup a document via onedrive and sharing it with multiple people for multi user collaboration. The thing is i would like there to be some type of notification so when a user fills out the excel...
  8. [SOLVED] OneDrive for Business processing changes every other second, and creates a lot of logs.

    I'm tired of googling this issue and finding nothing of use, my problem is that I've recently got 5 TB of OneDrive SharePoint space and I've been wanting to use it to my advantage. I downloaded OneDrive for Business and connected my ondrive.pw account, everything is fine, everything synced...
  9. D

    Question Can i setup 2 4 GB and 1 8 GB ram on motherboard?

    Is this possible and how will this effect me?
  10. B

    Best GPU for my situation?

    So obviously RTX has been announced and I do t really see myself paying the premium for it when I play at 1440p for single player gaming and 1080p for competitive games. So my current upgrade is seeing me from a very outdated r9 280x to one of the the following; Vega 64 - Gigabyte Gaming OC...
  11. L

    How can I have a wired connection to my wireless router?

    Hi, I'm not that great with tech so was hoping someone could help me out. I want to connect my PC to my wireless router so it has a wired connection, my router is in my living room so in order to do this I would have to get a massive Ethernet cable and run it through the house which isn't ideal...
  12. J

    What is effecting my computer's performance

    My computer stuggles to play any games without stuttering, (Arma 3, CS:GO). What should I do to see what is causing the problems. I am running on the lowest settings for games.
  13. R

    Advise on upgrading my pc

    My current specs are amdfx 8350 oc to 4.52, evga gtx 980sc, GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard, EVGA SuperNOVA 85 powersupply, and CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB ram. Should i upgrade my cpu to i7 7700k? In order to get i7 7700k i also need new compatible motherboard and ram. so im looking to...
  14. _Bata_

    Corsair K70 vs CM Quickfire Ultimate

    I want to get one of those in CherryMX Brown, they both look beautiful and will be the same in terms of performance i suppose. I like the K70 because of it's overall design, but i would prefer the CM because it gets that clear white backlit and key color. Price is not a problem. Could anyone...
  15. P

    hd6970 overclocking 1000+ core temps fine but it wont

    How do I unlock the 1100 core for hd6970 I tried but it barely gets 1000 . My temps are barely 50c . but when I go above 1010 I start having game crashing . Ive done it all changed the power to 7 percent and higher but still crashings . Temps on core are very low and vrm is even lower than core...
  16. Human Being

    Best software to reduce movie size

    Made a video of 1.44gigs @1080p want to reduce size as much as possible by software.But don't want loose quality.Any best out there?
  17. P

    Help me with my PC!!!

    So I really want to build my own PC because my laptop sucks. I started doing this by looking at LifeHacker's guide, but soon became frustrated and looked at other guides, all with the same result. So I'm asking this forum for help! My budget is, at max, $400. I would like to keep it around...
  18. T

    Freezing, Crashing, Lagging, all around pos comp

    Purchased a white box comp from a pawn shop (yeah i know im stupid but) AMD Athalon II X4 651 Quad-Core 3.0 GHz 8GB 1TB WD Blue Drive GeForce GTX 660 Graphics Card I thought hey... for 400 not bad right? So i start having issues right away... Damnit... I call up my tech buddy, bad sectors...