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  1. M

    Question Which's the best ONT brand?

    I need an ONT but it must be best performance. Which brand do you recommend? Ericsson, Nokia etc.
  2. DurRice

    [SOLVED] Should I Purchase A New Router For Portforwarding?

    Hello! Recently, I have been trying to play the games GTA V Online and Modern Warfare: Warzone, but I am having a terrible experience with high ping, packetloss, and not even being able to connect to friends sessions in GTA V Online. In other games such as CSGO and Fortnite, I have no problem...
  3. W

    [SOLVED] Basic home networking queries.

    I understand that the forums rule say to search a topic before asking a question, and believe me if I knew how to word my questions better to find a working solution I would've, but I believe describing the issue is the best approach for me here. I have an optical Huawei router provided by my...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Does the ethernet and wifi get different bandwidths in a router?

    I have a Netis WF2411 150 Mbps Wireless router. The router is placed in my bathroom. The signal strength is very good in every case. I tested some scenarios for the best possible speed for my PC. Case 1: Connected the PC through ethernet and no other device was connected to the Wifi. Case 2...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] Connect 2 independent routers to the same ISP OLT

    Hi, Is it possible to connect two independent routers to the same OLT of and ISP? I already have a OLT gateway/router from my ISP, but I would like to install another router, not connected to the 1st one. The reason is that I want to have one router to control lights and sensors in the house...
  6. B

    HEELP Intel Core i3 3220 vs Intel Core i7 920 ??

    Hello, I have got a rig with 8 GB Ram and gtx 760 with I3 CPU My Friend wanted to upgrade his PC to make it for gaming (Medium) So i told him that he just needs to upgrade his RAM and GPU only and not his CPU because he got I7 920 which i think is the same with my I3. Soo because i got an old...