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    Question utorrent content avaliablity and open source switching

    are the software and files that are available on utorrent are the same on itunes and google play? i want to be able to get the same content that's on itunes and google play on utorrent like podcasts, tv shows/movies and music and i want them to be legitimate content not the pirated stuff that I...
  2. J

    Question Good free email client for Windows 10 that works with exchange

    Hey guys I'm looking for good and free email client for Win 10 that supports exchange mails. I've tried Thunderbird but the only way to use my exchange mail was either exQuila or Owa both of which are paid with 14-days free trial. So what email clients are you using and are you happy with them?
  3. O

    wifi forum for open wifi hardware discussion topics (ORCA)?

    Is there a recommendable wifi forum for software programmers and hobbyists? It is about openwifi considers to sell an open wifi development board? Is there a forum and wifi community who would be interested in such a openwifi board? Thanks.
  4. C

    Question Suggestions needed for Linux + Z390 mobo

    I'm looking for a Z390 mobo whose features are well supported in Linux. Like hardware monitoring software and drivers. Which of the big mobo companies are the most open-sourcey?
  5. C

    [SOLVED] CAM stopped showing my CPU temperature + Liquid temp higher than usual

    Hey everyone, so about 3 days ago I noticed that CAM software suddenly stopped showing my CPU temperature and CPU Fan Speed. I didn't really pay much attention to it, just figured the software might have f*cked up during launch or something... But yesterday, CAM showed me a notification that...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] PSU problem , i need help

    My spec : -ryzen 5 2600 -asrock b450m pro4 -rx580 8gb -gskill ripjaws V 8gb -seagate 1tb hdd -deepcool gammax 400 - LG 24MK430 24inch FHD-IPS 75hz Im looking for cooler master 600W 80 plus bronze . Does it have enough power ? ( sorry my bad english ) . Thank you for reading
  7. F

    Budget pc build

    im building a budget gaming $400 fortnite and pubg but found two videos and But cant know which because i like the case in the first vide but the second one has more FPS so can i put the...
  8. F

    I have 6gig memory but only shows 4..

    Guys please help me I just upgrade my memory to 6 gig i have a 4gig and a 2gig gel .. bios read to memory but only 4gig shows in total. Ive try switching slots and its shows the same result 2 and 4 gig ram shows but only 4gig shows in total. Tried reseting cmos, load default, updating my...
  9. I

    Is it possible to have 2 routers connected to the same modem to run under the same WiFi ?

    WiFi Diagram Hi I have a Asus AC66U in room 2 and I want to extend it's range in living room. Is it possible to use an old Linksys WRT54G to do so? How do I do it? Would using a slower router mean that the wifi in the living room becomes slower?
  10. crxsi71

    What Happened to my questions that were answered?

    I posted questions regarding buying components and building my own pc and now they've disappeared? I also had a question answered about my gtx 98oti and its gone as well?
  11. F

    Converting Alienware to custom build

    Hello im wondering if it will be easy to convert my alienware into a custom build i am having some problems with it so i was thinking about just gutting it and rebuilding it into a new computer does anyone have any suggestions, here are my specs: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version...
  12. C

    GTX 1060 compatability with ab350m pro4 board

    So basically i was wondering is the 6gb variant compatible with my asrock ab350m pro4 motherboard, as it says there isn't a 6pin connector on the board in the website, but maybe i'm wrong.
  13. F

    Need Speaker Help from Audio Experts!

    Hi everyone, I am using a JBL Charge 3 with aux connection to my PC. I use the Charge 3 as speakers as well as a microphone. However I recently unplugged my aux cable from my PC(relocated my desk) and now I cannot get the microphone to work on my pc. I am using Realtek HD Audio Manager on my...
  14. Y

    Can These Specs Run?? GTA V Answer Fast???

    Can I Run Gta v On These Specs GPU : Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family CPU : Pentium E2160 1GB RAM 333Mhz Can It Work And How Much Fps???
  15. T

    ***Help Please*** Old build, what should I upgrade?

    I was wondering what I should upgrade first for my old gaming pc. My main questions are 1) Is my processor good/will I get good performance if I just upgrade my gpu? 2) If I upgrade my GPU what GPU should I get? 1060,1070? My budget is around 500$ and I was planning to buy something on cyber...
  16. D

    Old gpu with x4 740 cpu?

    Alright i borrowed crapy gpu from my friend.Its rly old i mean rly.And it fits in slot on mb perfectly.So does it rly matter if i put old gpu in mid range pc with x4 740 processor?Will it affect pc in any way?Not gonna game on it just want a vga port from it till i get new gpu.
  17. G

    Retail AMD Threadripper Delidded, Four Die Present

    Der8auer purchased a retail Threadripper 1950X and found what appears to be four active Zeppelin die soldered to the IHS. Retail AMD Threadripper Delidded, Four Die Present : Read more
  18. M

    Asus pop up

    WTN_6.2H_64 Get rid of pop up - Asus system
  19. vonntagaii

    [help] GT730 2GB DDR5 - Palit Brand Compatibility Issue

    Is Palit GT730 2gb DDR5 Compatible with my Specs.? Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core E6600 3.06Ghz Motherboard: AsusTek P5G41T-M LX3 RAM: 6GB DDR3 PC 1333 Current GPU: Palit GT220 1gb 128bit Please help me. I want to upgrade my Video Card. Thanks in Advance
  20. H

    Looking For An Upgrade

    My Pc is almost 3 years old and i would like to upgrade it. Specs: CPU:i5-4570,3.20GHz GPU:GTX660 RAM:8GB PSU:Thermaltake 630W MotherBoard:Gigabyte-H87-HD3 What Should i upgrade first and for what.