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  1. Info soon to pop (pop_os build)

    Everything but the gateron silent black switches an backlit rubber key caps, an some gpu treaking an finishing up oc tweaking and VMware installation, but other than that within a week and a half this will be my new for the first in 12 years primary pc pop os /win10pro combo, and within a month...
  2. sponge_b0b

    [SOLVED] Open ODF files (libreoffice)

    Hello everyone, Did you know any android apps how can open the ODF files (ODS, ODT etc...) on Android ? Thanks.
  3. sponge_b0b

    Question Tracking, monitor change of webpages who dont have RSS :/

    HI everyone, I used in the past WebMon 1.1 To track changes of webpage. (specially the one how doesn't have RSS) Unfortunately WebMon doesn't handle HTTPS :/ I look everywhere but I cannot find something that simple ! here are the requirement ...