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    Question Work from home without OpenVPN

    Hello, I want to connect my job website and I have instruction about how to connect using OpenVPN but it say I need username password. They didn't gave me any username and password, So is there any other way? BTW I already tried contact our admin but few admin for lot of people and I'm kind of...
  2. E

    Question Is it safe to use free vpn service

    Hi i have windows 10 pc. i use openvpn (v11.12.0.0) software and config file from . Is it safe to use free vpn service?
  3. E

    [SOLVED] OpenVPN access other subnets

    Hi, Im have setup an OpenVPN server/client solution for a customer but ran into problems when trying to connect to subnets other than the vpn subnet. Main subnet is where the firewall is and the OpenVPN server Other subnets are: VPN subnet...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] How can I optimize Ubuntu 16.04 performance

    I have AWS Lightsail server and installed Ubuntu 16.04. It has 512 MB memory and 20 GB disk. How can I optimize operating system? I just using OpenVPN Access Server on this server. I want to turn off all unnecessary things. Server must run just OpenVPN Access Server and what OpenVPN Access...
  5. M

    Question OpenVPN adds too much to ping

    I have OpenVPN Access Server on AWS Lightsail servers. I see 44ms between myself and server. When I connect to VPN I see much ping sometimes. If I close and reopen VPN connection ping is decreasing or increasing. I see sometimes 40ms, mostly 53ms during ping to OpenVPN Access Server. From...
  6. Mahmoud Hussein

    Question ddr 4 2666 and 2400

    Hi ! what is difference between 2666 and 2400 because i didn't find 2666 in my country . and what what is difference between ddr (2666 cl19 ) and (2666 cl16 ) on amazon i found Crucial with cl19 but Ballistix Sport LT cl16
  7. A

    1gb vram gt610m

    I5-580m gt 610m and 4gb ram What can i play on it? This card cant use ram.
  8. P

    Can I build a pc on my own

    Can I build a pc on my own even if I had no experience, if yes then what are the precautions I have to take care, are there any advices
  9. S

    Motherboard ez debug CPU not detected or failed (multiple cpus tested)

    Ez debug CPU not detected or fail. Bought new motherboard (msi h270 gaming m3) after my computer froze while playing dota2. After turning computer off started boot looping so I got a new mb and now it powers up but does not work. I5 6500 2x 2400 8gb ddr4 650w psu R9 380 nitro 4gb Have been...
  10. R

    Asus Maximus IX Hero Shutting Down USB Ports

    I hope this finds Y'all well. All my USB ports shut down intermittently. They almost always shut down during a benchmark test and they will shutdown at idle. The ports are only off for a second and then right back on. I am a photographer. I shoot tethered meaning my camera transfers 90MB...
  11. J

    battery problem help

    is anyone having problems with their battery on a Toshiba satellite p55w-c5208 the 4khd edition?
  12. drawingpin

    Corsair Vengeance DDR4-300mhz Issue

    Hey guys, I have the following spec: AMD Ryzen 1600 Asrock AB350 Pro 16gb (2*8) Vengeance RGB 3000mhz I have just installed the new RAM above and it is showing as 2133mhz and causing my PC to blue screen. I have gone in to the bios and made sure the XMP is set to auto. Is there something...
  13. N

    How can I make Battlefield 1 run better.

    Specs: i3 7100 3.9 Ghz(hyperthreading) Gtx 1050ti Oc version(factory overclocked at 1488Mhz) 12Gb Ram 2133Mhz(8+4 dual channel) I wouldn't say I can't play the game. I have upwards of 70fps on ultra in the game. But during more stressful moments during multyplayer it drops to 40 fps or even 30...
  14. D

    GTX 1080 DIed OR NOT?!

    Hi guys, i recently start having pc problems, one day i switched on my pc and suddenly when i fired up wow game, the screen starts to flicker, i opened msi afterburner to see the temperatures, and they were skyrocketing to 100+ degrees. I switched off the system, reseated the pc and nothing...
  15. D

    amd a8 5600k overclocking turns into a dual core?

    overclocked my 5600k from 3.60 to 4.20 ghz and ran cinebench but noticed little to no difference to stock clocks (1 point more) and noticed it showed up as 2 cores 4 threads is this correct? or is it a bios setting?
  16. S

    Computer crashing and GPU fans going to full speed

    Hello! (Sorry in advance about the bad English) I've encountered a problem with my computer that I newly upgraded. I just newly upgraded my CPU, RAM, motherboard and GPU. The problem that I have been having started out with my desktop that started freezing. This happened a lot whatever program...
  17. M

    What kind of case make a high-end, multi-GPU system silent? How about those tempered glass cases?

    When I built my PC about 15 years ago, I used an aluminum case. It was silent. When my school bought a Xeon system few years later, even the case was very big, when I turned on the computer, it sounded like a vacuum cleaner. Even people outside the lab could hear it. Got lots of complains...
  18. I

    USB & Audio undetected...

    Hi, i have formatted my laptop yesterday, and I installed all software using only pendrive. Today, my laptop cannot detect any USB connectes to any port. BIOS neither. The audio has the same problem. Do you have any idea. I think something is damaged but i don't know why. Thank you.
  19. A

    Problems with graphics

    Gtx 1050ti not even edges (corners are visible along the edges), On hd 7850 there is no such Ultra settings, anti-aliasing enabled What is the reason ?
  20. V

    CPU Air Cooler i7-4790

    Hey guys, I just recently bought an air cooler for my CPU, but I've been noticing that the air coming out from the back of my PC is very hot. Is that normal ? (My CPU temps are fine)