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    [SOLVED] How to build a hackintosh PC?

    My pc is configured with AMD R5 1600, GTX 1050ti, Asus Prime motherboard and 8gb 3000mhz DDR4 ram and have a 240gb SSD for the system drive and 1tb HDD formatted on NTFS, So now I want to install macOS on my pc is it possible to install it on my pc and if yes which file required to install that.
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    Question New "office" rig

    Hi everyone once again. I want to re-use an old pc case, I didn't even mind seeing what are the parts inside, because the last time I used it, almost 7 years ago, that already at the time, he was super slow, so, at the very max, I'm gonna re-use the hard drive and maybe the PSU if it has enough...
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    [SOLVED] Can this motherboard/m.2stick be used as os/boot device?

    I've been under a rock when it comes to any kind of ssd storage, and from what I've read, some motherboards may be incompatible with using m.2 as boot/os drive? These are the 2 parts I have picked out for a hopeful upcoming build: mobo-...
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    Question Best OS to Host Server

    Hello All, I just built a $300 budget server build using the latest i3-9100F and am wondering which OS to use. I was going to use Windows 10 but am wondering if I should use hyper-v or vSphere incase I want to make additional servers. My motherboard has two intel gigabit nics as well so two...