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    Question Need help with Wii!!

    We recently bought a Wii off of FB marketplace but when its booted up, whenever you try to launch an app or disc off of the main menu, the menu itself switches constantly between apps and you cannot launch anything. It struggles with the initial "press A" menu which only allows you through if...
  2. F

    Question Audio completely messed up (big time)

    Yesterday I was playing the new Forza, until it crashed, and a few second later my laptop (HP Omen 15) froze. Restarted it and there were no audio devices. I restarted windows and reinstalled my audio drivers (realtek) yet it still doesn't work. Now it recognizes my speakers/headphones and my...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Just got my new pc, prebuilt with free windows but my key that i just bought wont work (using the "change product key" method)

    i just got my pc and i used the free trial option of windows, now i bought a digital key but windows wont let me use it, maybe i need to use a different method to get it. Im going from Trial to Windows Pro so maybe the pro version needs me to reinstall windows or something?
  4. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] GLITCH: Windows 10 Flashes for half a second then tabs become black and the desktop icons and the desktop itself becomes black

    I'm having issues with my Windows 10 recently, whenever I'm casually using my pc and while I'm editing, the display flickers for half a second then everything becomes black, the taskbar disappears, the tabs that are open are partially black and the only way to revert this issue is to hover the...
  5. pedropandesal

    Question 2 NVME FOR 2 M.2 SLOT

    Hello! I have a question. I got a mobo and that is B550M mortar. Is that ok to occupy my 2 M.2 slot not USING THE PCIE SLOT. One is for OS with a 120gb nvme and the other slot is for apps/games with a 1tb nvme. Also is it ok to swap them? the 120gb with os is at the slower m.2 slot(lowerpart)...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Resetting drives

    Hello everyone! So I’m new to PC stuff. I got a bunch of parts from my old junk removal job and these are my specs. CPU: AMD FX 9590 GPU: Gtx 970 gaming 4g Mother B: GA-990FXA-uD3 rev 4.1 2 8gb vengeance ram 750w gold standard power supply Water 3.0 by thermaltake my question. I have it using...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Can I safely delete a partition and zero-fill the space without affecting another partition on my old SSD?

    First off let me apologise, as I know there's a lot of questions similar to this one out there already. However, I just want to be absolutely sure in my case that I am not going to lose any data before I make this change. So I have a 500GB SSD. On this SSD I have 2 operating systems on separate...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] How to build a hackintosh PC?

    My pc is configured with AMD R5 1600, GTX 1050ti, Asus Prime motherboard and 8gb 3000mhz DDR4 ram and have a 240gb SSD for the system drive and 1tb HDD formatted on NTFS, So now I want to install macOS on my pc is it possible to install it on my pc and if yes which file required to install that.
  9. B

    Question New "office" rig

    Hi everyone once again. I want to re-use an old pc case, I didn't even mind seeing what are the parts inside, because the last time I used it, almost 7 years ago, that already at the time, he was super slow, so, at the very max, I'm gonna re-use the hard drive and maybe the PSU if it has enough...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Can this motherboard/m.2stick be used as os/boot device?

    I've been under a rock when it comes to any kind of ssd storage, and from what I've read, some motherboards may be incompatible with using m.2 as boot/os drive? These are the 2 parts I have picked out for a hopeful upcoming build: mobo-...
  11. D

    Question Best OS to Host Server

    Hello All, I just built a $300 budget server build using the latest i3-9100F and am wondering which OS to use. I was going to use Windows 10 but am wondering if I should use hyper-v or vSphere incase I want to make additional servers. My motherboard has two intel gigabit nics as well so two...