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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Operating System not found on startup

    So yesterday I was on my computer and it was working perfectly fine and I downloaded Modern Warfare. Today when I started up my computer I was greeted by a black screen saying Operating System not found. I have 2 storage devices, an NVMe which is screwed onto the motherboard and it is has...
  2. K

    Question Safe to use HDD docking station with two different laptops?

    Hey all! I have a HDD that I retrieved from a dead laptop, and I want to put it in a Hard drive docking station, to plug into my other working laptop to get files off. But my only concern is that this is a hard drive from a windows 7 laptop, whereas the files I'll be sending it to is a windows...
  3. K

    Question I have a question about windows 7 and windows 10 together

    I would like to know if I can take windows 7 64 bit ALL editions of it from home premium to ultimate and strip all outdated drives from it and put all uptodate drivers from windows 10 into it so i can take the whole set up and run the older os on my newer pc I got a GIGABYTE AB350_GAMING 3...
  4. S

    $10,000 Crypto Mining Pc

    What GPU mining pc could I build for $10,000, and how much would it earn me.
  5. U

    Overclocking issues AMD FX-4130 and Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3

    I bought an AMD FX-4130 and I was going to overclock it. I am very new to overclocking so I looked around at a lot of things for help and I thought I had the basics of it down. However, whenever I try to overclock it, all programs run slower and Windows 7 switches back to it's aero theme and has...
  6. D

    Weird motherboard "damage" , what is that

    Today i saw something like this http://prntscr.com/87wgsp on my old motherboard , is it something important or no ? i mean motherboard will work fine or no ? i have no idea what is this
  7. P

    can dell optiplex 960 mini tower cooling fan be replaced?

    i was wondering is dell optiplex 960 mini tower's cooling fan replacable becaus i want to replace it with a smaller fan. sorry for my bad english
  8. K

    BSOD when loading fresh copy of windows 7

    When loading on a new hard drive Windows 7 I get 10 minutes into it and then a message comes up...as below, and when I try to redo it, it's the same thing. IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ***STOP: 0X0000000A (0XFFFFFB400C40C858.0X0000000000000002,0X000000000000001.0XFFFFF80009887A3B) If this is a...
  9. a cooperator

    How to use a desktop computer local HDD as an external HDD on a computer's USB port.

    Hi, My motherboard, which has integrated VGA card, Audio card, Network card, seems to be defective. However, the HDD(40GB), Power Supply, and Intel P 4 processor(3.00 GHz) are still intact. My local HDD has a STAT connector. However, it seems as though it is ancient. If I want to benefit from...
  10. haroldragaofficial

    Powercolor R9 270 vs GTX 750 Ti FTW

    I'm in a very strict budget of $400 and right now, Powercolor R9 270 is $111~ and 750 Ti FTW is $109~ Not sure which one to get because FTW's stock OC is around 1.19GHz and Powercolor R9 270 is @ 930MHZ Need help guys!!! Thank you:pt1cable:
  11. D

    Cannot read optical disc using Live File System after installing samsung magician RAPID for 840 pro SSD

    I've run into an odd problem. I have a Samsung 840 pro 256gb SSD and installed the Samsung magician software's RAPID option. When I've done this I found that I cannot read or write to an optical drive using or was made with the Live File System option format in windows 7. If I disable RAPID...