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    Question Dead and stuck pixels on new monitor

    Hi all - just bought a significant upgrade for my rig, and decided to get a BenQ EX3410R 34” curved monitor to go with it. I was really happy with the purchase, but when it arrived and I tested it, I noticed one dead pixel on the far left, and one stuck (on green) centre top of the monitor. It...
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    Question Advice / recommendations wanted!

    Hi all - long time user, occasional poster :) I'm looking for some advice / input from the community about an upgrade to my 7 year old rig that I'm making. I've been saving up for ages for this, so would really appreciate knowing if this build looks; Good value for money Will play current...
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    Question Recommendations for Custom Cursors

    My mouse : RAKK APORO GAMING MOUSE heya? everyone. I'm lookin for some neat custom cursors! becasue this simple cursor seems boring for me Also what's your thoughts on my gaming mouse ....