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  1. HaMzAxSaRaB


    Im about to build a new pc and i cant choose one of two build 1) Ryzen 3600 with GTX 1660 Super 16gb ram DDR4 3200 OR 2)Ryzen 2600x with rtx 2060 or(RX 5700) 16gb ram DDR4 3200 also i know that rx5700 is better then 2060 but its super hot, and is ok to play long hours on a 75+C or...
  2. J

    Question Help choosing best monitor!

    Hello. I have an XPS 15 9560 and want to hook it up to a monitor to have a better working station. I've already done my research and have rendered it down to these monitors. I'm from Chile therefore I'll list the prices I have access to here for each one...
  3. T

    Question About CPU Upgrade

    So I will most likely get a rx 470 soon and then I am wondering should I get an i5 4460 from ebay, there are some bids that go for around half the normal price and is compatible with my current mobo.