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  1. M

    Question Intel Optane for now?

    Hi guys, I just recently did a full rig update, i9 9900k, brand new MSI motherboard (supports optane) and also bought 2, 2 TB hybrid drives to replace my main storage and game storage. I also just bought an intel Optane memory that will be arriving tomorrow. My question is this; I intend to...
  2. C

    Question Intel Optane with 2 HDDs?

    Got a 16GB Intel Optane from my friend. Now I am using one m.2 ssd as boot/system disk and two HDDs for data, thinking about adding the Optane to second m.2 slot. I want to use it for the HDD that stores all my games. My question is can I set up Optane for only one HDD? Thank you!
  3. J

    [SOLVED] What is this riser?

    I found this riser online and I don't know exactly what it does. So can anyone help me? (https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32949852202.html ) So far, I believe these are 2 possible options (but I'm open to other options). It could be: 1) An actual DIMM to M.2 or SATA riser that can store/cache the...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Intel Optane + 5400rpm/7200rpm for games/data?

    I'm about to plan my storage and there was a lot of option to consider and I refused the SSHD option for my gaming/data storage. M.2 NVMe will be my system boot drive so we don't wanna talk about that but instead my data storage needs. I think I've come to my last option: should I use Intel...
  5. Kirbyarm

    Question New to Anything Newer Than SSD - Seeking Advice for New Build!

    Hello everyone! Yes, that's a lot of New in the title! I've been doing some research over Google/YouTube on some brief lessons to try and catch up to storage technology these days to try and piece together what's best for my situation and how I can optimally choose a storage solution for my new...
  6. alreadyfuell

    [SOLVED] HDD optane slowing down

    So i installed a cracked game, but it kinda failed, so i decided to delete the game. There was uninstall option in the game folder but i didnt use it and instead just delete the whole game file. Now my disk is always on 100% usage and reading/writing really slowly. Its only about 300kbps read...
  7. C

    first time builder and could use some help with this build i'm planning on doing

    however I've never built a computer i have torn down one cleaned it up and placed it back together and it worked fine so i'm confident i could build it but i'm not to sure about my parts and just wanted some suggestions on if this build is good and i'm having issues with finding a good PSU for...
  8. E

    Will 600w PSU be enough for GTX 780 ghz edition and x4 750k?

    Hi, i have problem with my games since i bought my gtx 780 ghz because many of my games are randomly crashing and freezing..is it because my psu or what?
  9. G

    Can my system support msi gtx 1050 ti graphics card ?

    Hello i have intel i5 3330 3.0 GHz on intel dh61ww mother board and corsair 8 gb 1600 MHz and 4 gb 1333 MHz ram , can i run msi gtx 1050 ti graphics card ? And also suggest me other graphic card of same range .
  10. N

    LED strip recommendations for TT tower 900

    I have the Thermaltake tower 900, i want to run led strips up the front sides and that's it, 21" x2. Id prefer rgb but only need a dimmable white. Any suggestions? Two trimmable strips are about all i can think of but the ones i can find are usually ridiculously long for my application. Any help...