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  1. Kamen Rider Blade

    Info Intel Optane 1600X SSD's are on Fire Sale!

    Intel Optane SSD P1600X _58 GiB on sale @ $33 USD on NewEgg Both SSD's are in M.2 2280 form factor Intel Optane SSD P1600X 118 GiB on sale @ $59 USD on NewEgg For those who wanted to get into Optane while it's cheap and on Fire Sale due to Intel liquidating the Optane division. Now's about...
  2. N

    Question Unable to access to UEFI after switching to AHCI - only grub recovery mode

    Hi all, I have an ASUS Vivobook. I was trying to install Linux, and since the installation process was not working (it remained stuck during the loading of the OS installer) I tried to change an option in the laptop UEFI (as suggested on the net). I don't recall the specific option name, but I...
  3. konig87

    Question switch from AHCI to RST OPTANE without formatting ?

    Good morning, it's my first question and i m not sure i m in the right area. i m a technician and a lot of customer's pc are running win10 pro in AHCI mode, UEFI. So, even if mainboard's chipset are different (H510, H110, B560 and so on...) i can move SSD between PC and system starts without...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Intel optane M10 16GB is a 16GB "ram" or "memory to keep data"?

    Hi, it was given to me a intel optane 16GB M.2 module... Its to put on board as a disk or as a "ram"? I have a hard drive with windows and ram on my desktop, just add the Intel optane in a m.2 slot? Nedd to configure something ot it kust will work by itself? Thanks
  5. M

    [SOLVED] Help to understand what is the difference between AHCI and RST

    I'm trying to dual boot between windows and Linux mint on my notebook, but every time I go to install Linux mint it says that I need to disable the intel RST technology and switch to AHCI in the bios, but there's a problem, I'm using an NVMe SSD 512 gb M.2 2280 Intel Optane storage. Can I switch...
  6. Gimmy88

    [SOLVED] Bios Settings - Intel Optane Memory / SATA / RAID Mode

    Hi all, every time I start my PC it reboots after few seconds and lands to this page: "Please enter setup to recover bios setting. After setting up intel optane memory or the raid configuration was built sata mode selection must be changed to raid mode to avoid unknown issues" I have already...
  7. Endre

    [SOLVED] Intel stops producing Optane SSDs!!!

    As I read from many different sources, as this one: https://regardnews.com/intel-optane-ends-ssd-production/, Intel stops producing Optane SSDs! This is, by my opinion, a bad step! They should’ve improved the technology and its pricing, not to kill it! Intel, as company, seems to start...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] Thoughts on 2x SSD & 2x Intel Optane with StoreMI

    I've been tinkering around with a new build. Pretty much settled on 5900x whenever it's out. Graphics is not very important for this build, so I'm thinking about x8 PCIe lanes for the GPU (Probably gonna be 3070, not sure yet.) and x16 for a Asus Hyper card, since I would prefer speed and...
  9. neverknowu

    [SOLVED] Intel Rapid Storage Technology and Optane

    Building a new system, ASRock Creator x299 mobo, I'm going down the list to install most of what I think I need. I had an issue, and decided to clean install Windows 10. Then when it came to installing Intel Optane from the ASRock Downloads page, it said that I didn't have an open partition...
  10. rygar

    [SOLVED] Optane Enabled HDD Steam Library - Bad for frequently patched games?

    Hi All, A while back I installed an 8TB Seagate Exos HDD (ST8000NM0055 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 512e 256MB Cache 3.5" Internal Enterprise Hard Drive) to use mainly as a Steam Library, as well as some storage. It's Optane Enabled using a 64Gb, M10 Series M.2 drive via PCIe 3.0 and is NOT my boot...
  11. Meloves

    [SOLVED] Samsung 960 EVO NVMe ssd not being recognised as NVME in bios and doesn't work unless configured as RST

    Hello, So essentially, I've had the SSD for quite a while now and haven't noticed any problems until I tried to fix my intel optane 16gb module. So my optane module broke a while ago and I hadn't been bothered to fix it until recently. This led me into my bios to attempt to get it working...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Intel Optane 2x32GB in Raid 0, used for OS.

    Hello All, I've read many Optane threads here, but I wanted to ask about this specific situation to see what my best options were. I recently bought an ASROCK z390 TaiChi ultimate with an installed i7 9700k. The person who was starting to build this system but 2 32GB Optanes in and (by his own...
  13. G

    [SOLVED] Dual NVME to PCIe Adapters?

    I found a few really cheap dual M.2 to PCIe adapters on eBay and was thinking of getting one to use 2x Optane M10 SSDs as a scratch disk. Question is, how do these adapters actually work? Do they run the two SSDs in RAID 0 mode? Or do they show up as 2 separate drives and I'd have to combine...
  14. H

    [SOLVED] NVME and Optane for my D: drive HDD

    I'm using Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I was wondering is it possible to set up using; in my system boot drive C: = NVME secondary drive D: & E: = HDD(raided 0) and Optane And also, is it possible to use M.2 SSD run as Optane Memory or Optane Memory is special kind? Edit : I able to...
  15. ivankarrillo

    [SOLVED] Lenovo i7 1TB HD, 16 GB Optane suddenly acting weird 100% Disk

    So, i got this Laptop about 10 months ago and past days (about 4 days) it started to do weird stuff. It started by taking a lot in the loading loop at the start, then it would take about 10 mins in a black screen to finally show my username and password input. After I did it, everything seemed...
  16. G

    Question What motherboards support Intel H10 Optane SSDs?

    I'm looking into upgrading my motherboard from an H310 to something better and wanted to replace my failing SSD as well. So I figured I'd go for an Intel H10 Optane SSD since they're pretty cheap now and comparable to similar M.2 SSD's in price. However, I read that motherboard support is for...
  17. F

    Question RST + Optane and SSD

    I am working on an acer switch sf315 52 with failing hard drive, and the new Samsung SSD prevents the computer from doing anything. Stuck at the acer logo. I have tried different settings like turning off "RST + Optane". The drive works in other computers and other spinning hard drives work...
  18. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] Can you swap Optane to a M.2 SATA SSD?

    I found a laptop that has a 16gb optane installed. I was wondering if i can swap that optane to a ssd boot drive. it looks like it is physically compatible but it may not.
  19. Lil’bertz

    [SOLVED] SSHD vs HDD + Optane?

    im not planning to do this at all but im just curious about this comparison because both are almost the same on how they work (using solid state bla bla to store frequently used programs blabla) so im curious which is better or faster?
  20. S

    Question Intel Optane SSD 900P for gaming

    MB: MSI Z370-A PRO RAM: DDR4 32GB SSD: Samsung EVO 960 HDD: Two 1TB in RAID0 GFX: GeForce 1080 Ti My goal is to improve the load times of games. I would like to speed things up (mostly load times) for games by using Intel Optane technology. Normally, I'd go for the Optane Memory 16/32GB modules...
  21. D

    [SOLVED] Optane Vs RAM Disk

    Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics RAM: Corsair DDR4 32 GB I want to see that my Desktop runs at the best speed possible by tweaking the hardwares and softwares. On the above Motherboard I have 2 Nos of M.2...
  22. M

    Question Intel Optane for now?

    Hi guys, I just recently did a full rig update, i9 9900k, brand new MSI motherboard (supports optane) and also bought 2, 2 TB hybrid drives to replace my main storage and game storage. I also just bought an intel Optane memory that will be arriving tomorrow. My question is this; I intend to...
  23. C

    Question Intel Optane with 2 HDDs?

    Got a 16GB Intel Optane from my friend. Now I am using one m.2 ssd as boot/system disk and two HDDs for data, thinking about adding the Optane to second m.2 slot. I want to use it for the HDD that stores all my games. My question is can I set up Optane for only one HDD? Thank you!
  24. J

    [SOLVED] What is this riser?

    I found this riser online and I don't know exactly what it does. So can anyone help me? (https://www.aliexpress.com/i/32949852202.html ) So far, I believe these are 2 possible options (but I'm open to other options). It could be: 1) An actual DIMM to M.2 or SATA riser that can store/cache the...
  25. N

    [SOLVED] Intel Optane + 5400rpm/7200rpm for games/data?

    I'm about to plan my storage and there was a lot of option to consider and I refused the SSHD option for my gaming/data storage. M.2 NVMe will be my system boot drive so we don't wanna talk about that but instead my data storage needs. I think I've come to my last option: should I use Intel...
  26. K

    Question New to Anything Newer Than SSD - Seeking Advice for New Build!

    Hello everyone! Yes, that's a lot of New in the title! I've been doing some research over Google/YouTube on some brief lessons to try and catch up to storage technology these days to try and piece together what's best for my situation and how I can optimally choose a storage solution for my new...
  27. alreadyfuell

    [SOLVED] HDD optane slowing down

    So i installed a cracked game, but it kinda failed, so i decided to delete the game. There was uninstall option in the game folder but i didnt use it and instead just delete the whole game file. Now my disk is always on 100% usage and reading/writing really slowly. Its only about 300kbps read...
  28. C

    first time builder and could use some help with this build i'm planning on doing

    however I've never built a computer i have torn down one cleaned it up and placed it back together and it worked fine so i'm confident i could build it but i'm not to sure about my parts and just wanted some suggestions on if this build is good and i'm having issues with finding a good PSU for...
  29. E

    Will 600w PSU be enough for GTX 780 ghz edition and x4 750k?

    Hi, i have problem with my games since i bought my gtx 780 ghz because many of my games are randomly crashing and freezing..is it because my psu or what?
  30. G

    Can my system support msi gtx 1050 ti graphics card ?

    Hello i have intel i5 3330 3.0 GHz on intel dh61ww mother board and corsair 8 gb 1600 MHz and 4 gb 1333 MHz ram , can i run msi gtx 1050 ti graphics card ? And also suggest me other graphic card of same range .
  31. N

    LED strip recommendations for TT tower 900

    I have the Thermaltake tower 900, i want to run led strips up the front sides and that's it, 21" x2. Id prefer rgb but only need a dimmable white. Any suggestions? Two trimmable strips are about all i can think of but the ones i can find are usually ridiculously long for my application. Any help...