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  1. Moe_Carlon

    [SOLVED] Volume control with optical audio

    I have an avr (cambridge azur 340R) with stereo speakers and I'm running a 10 meter long HDMI cable to it across my room. (I like to play PC games on my TV). However I blown my tweeters because windows amplified the volume of the signal through HDMI and so did the AVR together they blown the...
  2. KatakuriChan

    [SOLVED] Cheapest method to get SPDIF out?

    What's the cheapest method to get if the motherboard don't have any? So far only solution was though a HDMI converter. (~$20.) cuz I couldn't find any sound card or like Motherboard audio to SPDIF converter.
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Headphones won't connect to motherboard

    I recently bought a pair of wireless headphone that comes with a charging station that has an optical port for me to plug into the back of my mobo (MSI B450 Pro Gaming Carbon), but I'm not getting a signal. It works when using AUX but so far nothing with optical, and I would like to have that...
  4. K

    [SOLVED] Optical Splitting Doesn't Work. Help?

    I recently bought a soundbar for my TCL TV. It connects with the TV via an optical cable. However, for a while now, I've had an optical cable running from headphones to the TV. The obvious solution was a splitter, but for some reason it doesn't work. The Sound Bar gets perfect audio but the...
  5. P

    Question Best 1440p 144hz display that has an optical port

    I have the ps5 and astro a59 gen 3. I want to get a new monitor that is around 300. But I need an optical cable for my headset. I have an hdmi adapter right now but it only supports 60hz. If anyone know a good monitor with an optical port, vesa mountable, and either 2 hdmi ports or 1 display and...
  6. I

    [SOLVED] Realtek Digital Output (Optical) Not Showing

    I am attempting to connect my Astro A40's using an optical cable, and I am supposedly supposed to set Realtek Digital Output (optical) as the primary device in sound control panel; however, this option is completely absent. The attached picture is my current Sound Control Panel: I've tried to...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] How to preven HTPC Audio device from powering down

    Hey All, Is it possible to trick a PC audio device to remain powered ON and paired/connected at all times? (note: audio device has a non-configurable ECO setting that powers down after inactivity) ISSUE: I have a PC with a VIZIO soundbar that powers off after inactivity while the PC is awake...
  8. Dshiftr

    Question Activating 5.1 channel on Yamaha RX-V1800

    Hi all, Going to format that post as best as possible, hopefully everything is clear. My equipment Pioneer Elite Plasma TV (paired with the Pioneer PRO-R06U). Yamaha Receiver RX-V1800 Xfinity Cable box (latest) 5.1 surround sound setup all wired into the Yamaha Receiver. The Problem I am...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Getting audio out from TV to AVR on opposite side of room.

    My new TV with built in AMZN-fire will be on one side of room. I need to get the audio (out) from TV to an old receiver (connected to surround speakers) on the opposite side of room. What will work best: 1. 50ft optical cable (could be a challenge to route) OR 2. Purchase Bluetooth...
  10. iAmFrank

    [SOLVED] Pioneer VSX-534. Sound cut off every 10-15 minutes or so

    I’ve got the Pioneer vsx-534 hookup to my pc via a optical cable. Randomly the sound cut off mid-game, music or even on youtube for around 2-3 seconds only and come back after. I’ve search a little bit about my problem online but can’t find anything related. Here’s my PC setup if it can help...
  11. Prostyle

    Question Having trouble connecting my RCA smart TV to sound bar

    Having trouble connecting my RCA RNSMU7036 smart TV to Tao Tronics sound bar... i’ve connected the optical cord but I am not getting a sound out of the sound bar. I’ve searched through TV set up menu and manual and can find no troubleshooting or actual instructions on how to make this work.
  12. F

    Crashes while playing games and I think it might be overheating

    Hello everyone, So im comming to you in hope to find a solution to my problem. The problem: When im playing a game that is a bit heavy and ressource demanding(Blade&Soul for example) i get crashes of the game and a black screen with my screen telling that there's no signal, and shortly after 2...
  13. G

    New motherboard.. do i need to buy windows again?

    I bought a prebuilt PC a while ago with windows 8 already installed and now i am planning to upgrade my motherboard & CPU. However I was wondering if I would have to buy Windows again or if I can just use the media creation tool to make a USB flash drive with an installation file to install...
  14. T

    Upgrading my computer, want to know your opinion

    -http://www.amazon.com/MSI-Motherboards-Z97-PC-MATE/dp/B00K23BW70/ref=sr_1_12?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1442303362&sr=1-12&keywords=motherboard -http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-HyperX-FURY-2x4GB-1600MHz/dp/B00J8E8ZLK/ref=sr_1_7?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1442302779&sr=1-7&keywords=gtx+960...
  15. Headly

    i7 930... Is it time for an upgrade to Skylake?

    Hey guys, So 5 or 6 years ago I built an i7 930 rig. Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Mobo, 12GB DDR3, GTX 550Ti, with the CPU OC'd to 3.5 Ghz. I added a Samsung EVO840 SSD later down the track. I don't do a lot of new title gaming, but I do a lot of audio production with ProTools. As My sessions get...
  16. J

    What happens if you RMA something that isnt Faulty??

    I suspected my GPU of being faulty and RMA'd it, however it is always possible that it could have been soemthing else (long story and dont have the time to explain). But anyways, if the RMA'd graphics card is in fact not faulty, what will happen? will i be charged?