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  1. santasendskidstothegulag

    Question Minecraft Optifine doesn't work ?

    I tried to instal optifine onto my minecraft and when it didnt work i tried the new 8u311 java then went to my laptop where optifine works and tried the version of java it was running. Updated all my drivers, re-updated java, reinstalled mc, copied the entire game onto a usb and reinstalled it...
  2. S

    Question Hi, I am Brenyon and I have a burning question for my close friend Brenton about the Java client and applying it to .jars.

    Hi, I am Brenyon. My friend, Brenton is currently having a issue opening .jar's using the Java client. Below I have listed a screenshot that Brenton took on his own PC, NOT mine. In that screenshot it clearly shows that even though Brenton has his newest version of the Java client installed he...
  3. J

    Question Will my laptop run Minecraft shaders at all?

    Hello! I have Asus Zenbook, i5 8th gen, NVIDA GeForce MX250. I was wondering would my laptop run Minecraft shaders. Ofc I must change some settings in a game. Pls give some tips and knowledge about this! Ty already!
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Is optifine (minecraft) dangerous for my pc/operating system?

    Hey guys. So recently I had a problem with my operating system where it wouldn't open a single file. So I had to give it for repair and the guy had to uninstall and reinstall windows 10. I'm not sure what caused the problem but I was wondering if optifine can cause this problem on an nvidia...