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  1. BiggWigg92

    Question Nvidia GTX 1060 &1050 Optimization

    In short I want to optimize my rig and am looking for advice. I have a rig with two GPU's, one a GTX 1050Ti 4GB and the other a GTX 1060 6GB, both from EVGA. I want to optimize their performance together for a dual monitor 1080p setup. The motherboard is an Asus Z270 TUF Mk I, running a Core...
  2. I

    Question (GPU Overclock?) Looking to Boost Performance SLIGHTLY |BDO, Details Inside. TLDR at bottom

    So the drive to improve my performance slightly is inspired by one slightly suboptimally optimized game named BDO. What I am talking about is something very specific, and very 'small' in the grand sense of things. But I'd like to pick peoples brain and see if they think it is possible. So I'm...
  3. Raerayu

    [SOLVED] Best Windows 10 Changes to Make for Gaming?

    Just came back to windows 10 with my new mobo, ASUS Prime z270a, and seems like i'm missing a lot of settings to get everything out of my PC. What are the most necessary and optimal windows settings to change? I have high performance on. :)
  4. QwerkyPengwen

    overclocking i7 6700k

    I have a 6700k overclocked to 4.7ghz at 1.4v with LLC level 5. I am trying to go 4.8ghz and I naturally don't want to exceed 1.45v in my settings. But what I want to know is what should be my LLC setting 1-7 for attempting best balance between constant voltage and over volting? I have already...
  5. M

    Looking for a answer

    Discuss five symptoms of virus infection in a computing environment.
  6. S

    J3C2F mb with MSI gtx 970 oc

    I have dell optiplex 790 mt and was wondering if I could fit a MSI gtx 970 in my pc
  7. B

    How future proof is this?

    Hi, I had a mac before I built my own pc. The mac was released in late 2009 and it still runs fine today for word and youtube, spotify etc., and thats nearly 8 years- impressive. It had a 3GHz intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram 1066mhz and a 500gb HDD @5400rpm. I want my build to last that long, and I...
  8. K

    Create Server networking

    I have to create a server network with 6 labs and 1000 computers. How many switches , connectors , cables do I need for that
  9. T

    Any Tom Clancy Wildlands Builds?

    I know the game hasn't come out yet but but this is my first time building a PC. What will you predict will be a good build for the game? I'm on a budget of $800 including Monitors and stuff but does anyone know a good build for at least recommended graphics? I will put up with shadows lowered a...
  10. C

    Is this a high end rig?

    I wish to know your opinion on the build i'm getting , could it play high end games??? Cpu : Intel Core I5 6600k 1151/3.5 Ghz/6mb S/d Motherboard : Asus Maximus Viii Hero Alpha Intel Z170 Socket 1151 Graphic card : GTX 980 Ti PSU : Corsair Rm1000 Full Modular 80+ Gold i hope to play all games...
  11. redxmoonx

    2 monitos 2 graphics cards

    i have two monitors connected to my 2 gtx970s thru HDMI problem is, only way for both to be on is either "activate all displays" which seems to disable SLI or "surround" which i dont particularly like.. is there a way to have both monitors on AND SLI? or am i missing something?
  12. J

    installed new mother board and now i can't install new windows

    hey guys! So i had to upgrade my motherboard (same chip) and once it was upgraded, i backed up all the files (even though windows kept crashing) and then i've formatted the computer to reinstall windows 8. Once completed, i've went through all the windows updates until one of the update somehow...
  13. J

    Installed new SSD, and now the sound doesn't work!

    Hello everyone, I installed a kingston SSD along side my old HDD. I installed windows 7 from the CD and got everything up and running. Except one problem. The sound doesn't work. If i boot from my old HDD the sound works, so it is not any of the hardware. I have Windows 7 64-bit. EVGA z68...
  14. R

    Visual studio 2013 ultimate update 3

    So i downloaded visual studio 2013 ultimate update 3 from torrent,but when i try to install it an error message pops up saying setup blocked ,this version of visual studio requires a computer with a newer version of windows . I have windows 7 ultimate(pirated) which recently got updates online...
  15. C

    changing motherboard, do i have to re-install windows?

    currently i have Asus m5a97 r2.0, and im going to get Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 soon, both have 950 southbridge chipset tho. so the question is, would i have to re-install windows after swap?
  16. J

    A CPU to compliment my gtx 770

    Hello, I recently got a gtx 770 as an upgrade and was just wondering about what kind of CPU upgrade to get because I feel bad that I may be bottlenecking my graphics with the AMD FX 6100 Six Core Processor 3.30 GHZ that I have. My current motherboard has an am3+ socket which I bought about 2...