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  1. V

    Question What is causing this "flickering" on my ROG Scar II laptop?

    I recently purchased an ROG Scar II laptop with a GTX 2070 (not max-q version) and am having issues with an intermittent flicker that appears every once in a while for 1 single frame. The flicker isn't just a black screen, it looks like a thick gray bar going across the middle of the screen. I...
  2. N

    What is Derp?

    I saw a “Derp Achievement Unlocked” icon appear on my desktop Windows 7 while i was messing with my background, then dissapeared once i put my mouse over it. Never seen or heard of this before. Was i hacked?
  3. H

    Acer Aspire x1700 ethernet issue

    is this acer aspire upgradable to window 10 64 bit my board died as well as the hard drive got a board and a new hard drive install win 10 on it but can't get the ethernet port to work tried the acer website for driver they only have vista home premium drivers tried those and nothing any suggestion
  4. F

    Windows Environment "Skipping"

    Ok. I have this extremely weird issue where my PC "skips" for lack of a better term. Basically, what happens is when ever I'm doing multiple things at once I get brief instances of slow down. Everything slows at once, audio cuts in and out making it sound like static, if I'm watching a movie it...
  5. L

    Can't get Windows 10 working

    Lately i have been trying to install windows 10 on my computer. First time it seemed to work good , i was doing my drivers and then i got the first bluescreen . I got several more until Windows couldn't run anymore. I reinstalled it a second time ans then i got the message : Windows installation...
  6. M

    Which motherboard ???!

    Hello guys; Which motherboard is better for a Pro-Gaming system? Consider a 3-way SLI (Titan XP) & a Samsung SSD 960 Pro M.2 List: 1- ASUS PRIME X299 DELUXE 2- ROG STRIX X299-XE GAMING 3- ROG RAMPAGE VI APEX 4- ROG STRIX X299-E GAMING 5- ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME 6-MSI XPOWER GAMING AC Thank...
  7. G

    help! need affordable speakers w/BEST sound!

    Well, it happened again. Blew my beloved old Sony speakers, and I just had them repaired last summer. I guess I must concede that it's time for new speakers. But what? I'd rather not get rid of my 27 year old Sony receiver. Would wireless speakers work with it? I'm really sensitive to...
  8. L

    75hz or 144hz on GTX 1070

    I am low on budget. I am thinking of getting a 144hz monitor or a i5 8600k. what should I do. Should I go with a 144hz monitor and a i5 7600k or a 75hz monitor and i5 8600k
  9. A

    USB slots don't work?

    I have finished making a PC, and everything turns on. The fans spin, leds light up, but USB ports don't work, and nothing comes up on my monitor so I can't enter the bios either. I have already checked the case headers, the power connectors, tried 1 stick of ram, but nothing is working. Help...
  10. T

    CPU or memory changed !!!

    TL;DR Reset cmos after bios flash, and received the title message.. Why? Yesterday I reset my windows 10 pc. I got it up and running (basic windows updates-- nothing else, haven't even accessed internet yet). I then flashed my bios (using fat32 drive, and from back of mobo, as it failed the...
  11. kostas1127

    Will this psu support my build?

    Is my psu enough to hold these components for the future? i5 4690 8gb ram 2hdds/1ssd Had a 7850/New pgu is 1050ti msi b85m g43 coolermaster b500 ver2 85+ 500w 38amps on 12v PIC=http://imgur.com/a/MqNKr
  12. L

    Ubuntu Command Line Tools Come To Windows Store As An App

    Canonical announced that a GUI-less Ubuntu operating system is now available for the latest Windows Insider build as an app that can be installed from the Windows Store. Ubuntu Command Line Tools Come To Windows Store As An App : Read more
  13. snowiblind

    4GB Enough for CS:GO?

    CS:GO is one of the few games I will be playing as well as a bit of GTA 4 (not ram dependent either), BFBC2, Sleeping Dogs and GTA V (the only game that actually needs more than 4gb to get the most out of it). I'll upgrade relatively soon, but should I stick w/ 4gb? Specs: B250 mobo w/ 4 ram...
  14. RektSkrubz

    Too good to be True? (CPU DEAL)

    EBAY LISTING I am going to get a 6700k soon, so is this simply too good to be true? Thanks!
  15. S

    Suggest PSU for Dell T3500 Precision workstation

    Hello everyone, I have a Dell Precision T3500 CPU and suddenly it stopped working. The problem is with PSU which has failed permanently. The CPU is fitted with a Dell HIPOT 525Watts PSU with following details: Input voltage 100-240V/8.5A/50-60Hz Output power: 525Watts +12VA-18A +12VB-18A...
  16. Z

    Excel Hyperlink Issues

    I have nearly around 200 hyper-links in my excel sheet and casually all the hyper-links were automatically stopped from working and the exact path has changed, can you please provide me with a solution? thanks in advance,
  17. Y

    Sound goes off after a few minutes from boot

    I swapped my previous PSU since it had failed. I've been having this issue since then. I boot up the computer, start watching a video, after a few minutes the audio goes off completely and I start hearing that whizzing noise, though it's very quiet.   I've tried reinstalling the audio driver...
  18. J

    New memory not working

    I bought the following ram Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252526262264 My mobo is an Intel dq67sw I installed the ram in slot 2 and 4, nothing shows on screen. I installed 1 in 2 and it works (both tried alone in slot 2). If I switch back to 2x2gb in slot 2 and 4 it's all...
  19. A

    Can't recognize my three displays at the same time

    I have a TV (HDMI) and 2 monitors (Vga with a DVI adapter and a DVI) and I can't get all three of them to work at the same time, just two. I have a R9 270 with updated drivers, but the Eyefinity thing also won't let me use more than 2 at the same time for some reason. Thanks in advance!
  20. A

    can the Intel i3 6320 handle Games like Gta V and Witcher 3 without a dedicated graphics card?

    can the Intel i3 6320 handle Games like Gta V and Witcher 3 alone I mean Without dedicated graphics card? or Amd A10 7890k Is better off handling The games Without dedicated graphics card? I'm asking without a dedicated graphics card for now I'll buy one later buy for now tell me suggestion...