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    Question Optiplex 3020 Power Supply and Graphics Card Upgrade

    I'm trying to upgrade my Optiplex by installing an RX 480 and a new 500 watt EVGA PSU. I'm using a 24 pin to 8 pin adapter, as I've seen people successfully do on youtube. The system worked fine before the upgrade, but now it wont post. The fans spin up, and I'm left with a blinking amber power...
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    Question Will GTX 680 Work With Optiplex 3020

    Hello, I am really new to building pc's i have never even built one so i want to start slow by upgrading my old PC I can't find any post about GTX 680, or maybe i wasn't just looking in the right place So i want to ask if you can put GTX 680 into optiplex 3020 My speculations is that the power...