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  1. Riskwayyt

    [SOLVED] Optiplex 980 overclocking. Is it possible?

    So my question has been asked in a similar fashion through other posts and the Optiplex 980 is just a pain for anyone to overclock due to it's phoenix bios. I have the largest model of the Optiplex 980 and I also have sufficient cooling and even under heavy load the cpu currently hits around 60...
  2. Riskwayyt

    [SOLVED] Could I put a new motherboard in a dell optiplex 980 case?

    I'm trying to upgrade my build and the old lga 1156 motherboard just isn't enough anymore. I don't have the money for a new case.
  3. B

    new PC freezes

    Hello, I recently built a new PC and the specs are as follows: Intel Core i7 3770k 3.5 GHZ 8gb ddr3 ram Geforce GTX 660 SC gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H motherboard. 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive. Windows 7 Home Premium service pack 1 OS. The drivers I got are: VIA audio driver intel Management Engine...