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    computer insanely unerperforming

    My pc is terribly underperforming. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/12534994 cant even run games over 50 fps. most things run bad but the cpu is almost as bad as it gets. dont think it runs what it has capacity for. im desperate and dont now it is. have gone through all settings and set...
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    Which cpu is better

    Wanna ask which one is more future proof i5 8400 or r5 2600 for gaming and school
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    game not working after copying

    i have copied vice city game from a pendrive to my folder but its not starting
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    Can I run it

    Hello, So I have a laptop with a GTX 950M and I wanted to play assassins creed unity but I am only getting 11-12 FPS. Is there a way I could maybe increase FPS? I know that ACU is poorly optimized and I should probobly get a new PC but I can't right now.
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    [SOLVED] Solid System, Odd FPS drops

    PC Specs: Geforce 1060 6gb AMD fx-8350 16GB memory 1 terabyte SSD Hello, I'm a video game streamer who has taken some time off now because my computer has not been performing the way it should be. I get very odd FPS drops in the middle of any game I play. I thought at first that I just cant...
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    No picture on monitor

    The bunker hill monitor was working fine but went black and can not get any picture now
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    What happened to bitcoin?

    The title is all you need to know. Literally.
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    How to connect Bluetooth audio receiver headset to Sony 5.1 home theater

    I have Bluetooth in put facility in my Sony home theater but now I want my Bluetooth headset to synchronise and hear music.
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    [SOLVED] GTA 5 textures glitch fix

    Hi guys , Hi im really getting terrible textures glitches in GTA 5 even though I set GTA 5 to high priority in task manager but still it does My specs:- Intel i3 7100 GTX 1060 mini 6gb 8gb ram GPU Driver is updated to latest version Pls help me //Thx
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    I do not want Avast in my laptop, it keeps reinstalling, when using Revo uninstaller.

    This stinking virus they call Avast antivirus , keeps reinstalling itself, How do I get rid of this garbage app.
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    [SOLVED] Will my CPU & Motherboard be compatible?

    I bought an x99 Classified a while ago however, never used it. I just sold my old rig and am currently looking into buying a new Computer. I was wondering if an i7-8700K will fit in the socket.
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    Building new computer

    https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/kingy10005/saved/ hey just wondering if any one can tell me if this is a alright gaming pc planing on building it but not 100 % sure etc . i want to use it for 1080p full hd :) My Custom Build Edit Part List Edit Details Delete Component Selection Price CPU...
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    Battlefield 5 Review: The Best Battlefield Game in Years

    Buoyed by compelling multiplayer modes, Battlefield V is a gripping first-person shooter that re-creates the intensity and anxiety of war better than its competitors. Battlefield 5 Review: The Best Battlefield Game in Years : Read more
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    GTX 1060 underperforming

    Hi everyone. Last year I built my first PC and put an ASUS 1060 6gb dual OC and Ryzen 5 1600 in it. When I first booted it and played games it worked perfectly. But then I got the bsod, because apparently my motherboard was frying the ram sticks. I moved ram into other slots, but ever since...
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    PCIe spacing for GPU

    I am in the process of upgrading my PC. I am trying to work out the distance between the PCIe slots on a Z370 Extreme4 motherboard before I shop for a new gpus for nvlink. I have been unable to find anything definitive on slot spacing. Any help would be appreciated. Most gpu I have looked at...
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    will a 1070 Ti bottleneck my i5

    current rig CPU- i5 6600k GPU-msi 1060 3gb My buddy is selling me his msi duke 1070 Ti for 325$ in good condition... 2 questions... 1. is it worth the upgrade in gpu? 2. will my i5 6600k bottleneck the 1070 Ti?? [will I see dropped frames etc.]
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    can i use display port 1.4 and get g sync

    i have a pc with Geforce Rtx 2080 and on the backside is there a dp 1.4. The monitor i want that has can use g sync. my question is, am i able to use the g sync if i have dp 1.4 or need i a dp1.2 port on my pc. or else is there a dp on the grafic card i hook up to the monitor.
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    Help with upgrading old computer

    Will these work well together? https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Ryzen-Processor-Radeon-Graphics/dp/B079D3DBNM/ref=lp_229189_1_11/136-3029270-4564350?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1542151722&sr=1-11&th=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FWVJSHC/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza...
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    Budget gaming build - Upgradable?

    You guys were awesome in helping me choose the right PC for my son. Well now my other son is in the market. I found this budget build here: https://www.wepc.com/builds/best-gaming-pc-under-300-2018/ How upgrade friendly is this for GPU/CPU? My oldest son started with a budget build for...
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    Help installing any OS... Lenovo p500... usb ports fried... can't boot from DVD

    Hello... If anyone can shed some light, I'd greatly appreciate it.... HDD went out, replaced with SSD... USB ports do not work, OS copies I have (MINT, WIN 7) will not boot from DVD... DVD drive works... BIOS settings correct to boot from DVD first priority. Any CD I can create to be able to...