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    Help installing any OS... Lenovo p500... usb ports fried... can't boot from DVD

    Hello... If anyone can shed some light, I'd greatly appreciate it.... HDD went out, replaced with SSD... USB ports do not work, OS copies I have (MINT, WIN 7) will not boot from DVD... DVD drive works... BIOS settings correct to boot from DVD first priority. Any CD I can create to be able to...
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    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 stuck at 1515 mhz

    Hi everyone! I have the gigabyte rtx 2080 windforce OC, and now after a month of using it i have noticed a strange behavoir of its gpu clock. Instead its usual clock speed in OC mode of aorus engine of 1890 mhz, it stucked at 1515mhz, it is seen in msi afterburner while gaming or in combustor...
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    Urgent Help PC

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong category. I have a Dell optiplex 9010 sff. It has i7 3770. I'm trying to take all the hardware from it and put it in my old tower case. The CPU cooler has weird screws so I'm wondering if there is an alternative cooler. The Dell case has the screw mounts built in...
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    PC CPU Installation

    Hi...i just installed my q9650 in my HP 6000 Pro MT from an Q9500, however, on starting playing games, the quality is somewhat slightly diminished and does not look as sharp as it did before the swap. Any suggestions?
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    Tom's Hardware Google Sign-in Default Account Name

    The policy states that a username must be selected but upon a first time sign, the username defaults to the google address username--there is no way to change this and once an email address is associated with an account it cannot be associated with with a different account. 1. Obfuscate the...
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    A motherboard suitable for ryzen 2nd gen 2600 cpu

    Hi, hope someone can help. I'd selected a list of components to build a pc but now i've gone to buy it the motherboard has come in to queston . It has a lot of reviews saying the bios are out dated and it wont work with ryzen 5 2600, unless you boot it with a 1600 then update bios. To be honest...
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    New pc, any recommendations?

    i'm with a fx8370, and i want to get something new but not so expensive primarly for playing battlefield V in 1080 with good fps i already have a sapphire rx 480 nitro Amd Ryzen 5 2600x, Msi X470 Gaming Plus Am4, 16gb Ddr4 Kingston Hyperx Fury... what do you think?
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    Corsair hd120 rgb fan hookup

    I just ordered two new hd140s and one hd120 from someone on ebay. The only problem is they dont come with any controllers. I only wish to be able to control them through software and am not worried about having an actuall switch inside the case to control them. I need to know what exactly I...
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    [SOLVED] CPU USAGE IS ON 100% UNLESS I OPEN task manager

    hi everyone, as the title suggests, when i turn on my laptop the fan starts making a lot noise, and the temps are 60+(Celsius) when IDL, but as soon as i open the task manger or go offline, the cpu usage drops to 1% fans get quieter and temps get to normal levels 40-42. i've tried some...
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    nvflash in windows 7

    nvflash cannot be run in dos mode?
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    desktop computer restarts when gaming

    Hello,my pc is kinda old but was working fine until couple days ago.It started restarting when ever I open up a game even though its a small game. Firstly my spec with hw info: https://imgur.com/dbBc80b Corsair vs550 and voltage numbers with hw info https://imgur.com/YlU4A7O I did some tests...
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    NEC MS-7594MA motherboard compatible 4 core cpus

    Can someone help me please! I just bought an old PC with NEC MS-7594MA motherboard with Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz. Can't seems to find compatible 4 core cpu for this motherboard. Thank you.
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    Mini-ITX Productivity Build

    Hi! Just looking for a part list here - I'm more used to building high-end gaming builds, but my father asked for a speedy productivity PC capable of running 3-4 monitors with no problems. I have no other requirements besides a durable mini-itx build, and I already have a spare (somewhat used)...
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    Ryzen 5 1600 3000Mhz CL15 or Ryzen 5 2600 2666 CL16

    Hi, so I was building pc with GTX 1060 6GB in it, and I can´t decide between Ryzen 5 1600 with ddr4 3000MHz CL15 RAM and Ryzen 5 2600 with ddr4 2666MHz CL16 RAM, I was told that Ryzen benefits from faster RAM, but will it be enough to overweight the difference between 1st and 2nd generation? I...
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    Zip drive repair

    I have a 98SE based system with an internal Zip 100 SCSI drive that's getting iffy, i.e. it clicks excessively when reading certain sections of some discs. I suspect that there's oxide buildup on the heads. New internal ATAPI drives are still available but not the SCSIs. I've just been given...
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    Is my PSU enough for my build?

    Right now I’m having some issues with my PC performance and dying components. My build is: CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 MB: ASUS PRIME Z370-A CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212X RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (3000Mhz CL15) GPU: ASUS DUAL GTX 1060 6GB OC SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 250Gb HDD: WD Blue...
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    Switching from amd to intel

    I know ill have to wipe my C drive but all of my games and such are on my E drive. Will everything still be there when i boot up on my E drive ?
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    Far Cry 5 - loading benchmark screen - desktop crash-driver 411

    Hi. Have an question. Have Gtx 2080 Ti Windforce OC, all factory settings. Today after maybe my 15th time ( run ) during loading screen benchmark crashed to desktop without any warning. But i checked event logs and said: ID 4101 yes? Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has...
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    how can u do a factory reset when screen or charms won't pull up?

    I did a factory reset on my home laptop, then it crashed. How can u do a reset when screen won't open to see charms, desktop or anything else?!!!!
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    Cadence, Micron to Begin DDR5 RAM Production by 2019's End

    Cadence and Micron plan to start producing 16 Gbit DDR5 RAM modules by the end of 2019. Cadence, Micron to Begin DDR5 RAM Production by 2019's End : Read more