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  1. L

    Question CPU Red Led, DRAM Orange Led, Freeze Randomly happening on boot.

    The following lines explain the issue I faced a few months ago, it is very important for the context of the issue I'm facing now : |||||||||||||||| MARCH 2 2023 |||||||||||||||| I have had this PC for almost 2 years now everything was working perfectly fine : CPU : Intel I7-11700k GPU : Zotac...
  2. H

    Question Static Orange light on Mobo: No post until after hard reset.

    Hi guys! A head scratcher here, first off my specs: Intel I7-11700KF RTX 3080 EVGA FTW 3 ULTRA 2X32 GSkill Trident Royal Elite RAM @4266mhz (they both came in the same package sold as a pair) Asus Prime B560M-A AC Cougar 850+ Gold PSU So, its been a while since this issue has been happening...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] PC starts "normally" but randomly kills video, k/m signals

    Hi, I started to face this problem recently with my computer after no issue at all, it starts like normal and I can even use it for a while, until randomly the video signal stops and the keyboard and mouse show no lights on, while the mobo lights stay on with an orange led flashing at the top...
  4. J

    Question PC randomly shuts off, orange DRAM led appears every time it does

    I recently got a new motherboard, cpu, and ram for my setup. After installing everything I noticed that my pc was shutting off randomly and displaying an orange led that means a dram issue according to the manual. I already replaced the ram but the issue continues. Any ideas? -B450-f Asus...
  5. SlagRat

    Question I've installed a new motherboard but now it has DRAM issues?

    So I've just recently bought a new motherboard to replace my old Gigabyte Z270X. I got the ASUS STRIX Z270H. After taking it all out and putting in the motherboard, starting it up I got no beep, no lights and no video output. Noticing I left some things unplugged I plugged everything back in...