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    Question Origin app won't let me choose to NOT update to EA Launcher -- why ?

    Opened Origin launcher and says "The Ea ap is your new home pc gaming." There are 2 options: install ea ap or learn more. I dont want to instal EA app. How to get rid of this screen? Basically cancel that? So I get back to using origin app only please? WHen I press "learn more", it takes me to...
  2. Govanni

    Question is there any method to transfer battlefield v files from origins to steam instead of downloading it ?

    My friend has battlefield v on origins store .. and i bought it in steam recently so i don't want to download the 90 gigas so is there anyway that i can transfer the game so i won't have to download the game from steam ?
  3. Boost55

    [SOLVED] Will Origin/Steam save my game progress over the cloud to my new pc?

    Hi all, I've just built my new pc and I'm trying to get my games from origin and steam over to it from my old pc. Will my game progress still be there on my new pc if I were to redownload the games from their respective launchers on that pc? For example, if I download Battlefront 2 from my...
  4. Question Constantly getting 0xc000007b errors.

    I've spent the last 3 days troubleshooting and I still haven't found a solution, so I am real desperate. Ever since a Windows update I did a few days ago, I have been getting constant errors. It started out as Bad Image errors, which I fixed by downloading .dll files. This was happening for...
  5. MeesterYellow

    [SOLVED] EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2 keeps CTD in Queue

    Sorry but this post is quite similar to my previous post except for the previous solution only fixed one of the causes of the CTDs. Now I am getting CTDs while in a queue or sometimes on the menu after finishing a game. Sometimes it crashes after I join a match during the pre-rounds. Is there a...
  6. MeesterYellow

    [SOLVED] Star Wars Battlefront 2 keeps CTD

    The CTD happens randomly in-game whether I'm playing multiplayer or single-player and it is very often. I've tried capping the fps at 144 with MSI afterburner's fps monitor tool, deleting the game folder in my documents, repairing the game, turned on borderless, disabled origin in-game, and...
  7. pewpew135

    [SOLVED] Origin uses 32bit DLL

    I wanted to play and install Origin and the game Apex Legends. The problem is that the Origin.exe uses 32-bit dll files even if my Windows 10 installed is 64-bit. I determined this using Dependency Walker and troubleshooting origin.exe. There, I discovered that origin.exe uses 32-bit files...
  8. G

    Question apex legends

    guys i have a 720p monitor so the legends seem very unclear turning up tsa also harly does anything ,Its tough to hit even at close range because i can only see like their color and so..unclear ,its worse as my monitor sucks.I am saving for a 1080p one ,but till then can you help? Its very unclear.
  9. E

    [SOLVED] Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable x64 setup failure

    Hi all, I'm having a very weird issue with my PC. One of the games I about installing needs Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 redistributable x64 in order to run/install correctly. The problem I am having is that I cannot get it to install. I keep getting the same error message over and over and have...
  10. B

    Question [Crashes\Loop] looping audio frozen screen crash on games [win 10, i7 6700 gtx 1060]

    Specs: ASUS Z170-E - Up to date BIOS version 3801 Intel i7 6700 3.4Ghz 8-core - Coolermaster Hyper EVO 212 air cooler MSI Geforce GTX 1060 6gb - Up to date driver ver. 445.75 16GB RAM 2133MHz (2 8gb DIMMS in slot A2 & B2 on mobo) Samsung 850 EVO in m.2 250GB capacity WD Caviar Black 2TB 7200RPM...
  11. G

    [SOLVED] Apex legends

    I want to know hat i am doing wrong ,because i practice with an aim trainer daily and the above 90 percentile in some of the tracking exercises,but i don't see any improvement in my aim in- game.Also does 150 ms cause not registering of shots.
  12. A

    Question Origin - Mac issues

    Not sure if this is the right place - it's gaming but mac! Sorry if not. My OH plays stuff like Sims, SimCity via origin on her macbook air. Periodically, the game just refuses to load. We hit play, the origin software minimizes, then a few seconds later it pops back up as if nothing happened...
  13. theRTT

    [SOLVED] How can I download an Origin PC game (Battlefield V) on a Mac?

    Is there a way to download an Origin PC game on a mac? I've downloaded Origin for Mac but I can't download Battlefield V because it's only available for Windows. Thanks in advance.
  14. B

    Question Need an actual tech-god to help me solve this issue

    This is the weirdest problem i have ever encountered... NO tech-supporters from neither Origin or Windows have been able to help.. Even their so-called expert team that my case was escalated to... I cannot log into www.origin.com anymore.. Since 2 days ago.. My PW is correct and it works fine...
  15. thomasjbrown2014

    Question Origin Client And VLC Media Player Not Launching

    Hi all, I have been experiencing a problem with Origin by EA and VLC Media Player, when I click on the shortcut or even in the file location it doesn't load and it isn't even showing up on task manager. I checked to see if anything in the auto start up was causing an issue and that hasn't...
  16. Sunny Jims

    Question 64GB DDR4 3000MHz or 32GB DDR4 3200MHz of RAM

    So, I was making a Origin PC build just for my entertainment. I know a bit about PC parts and what they do, but I am not a expert. I was looking at the RAM section and wondered if I should put...
  17. PhillipK

    Question CPU Frequency Question

    When I open Core Temp, I notice that the frequency of my CPU will randomly jump between 4400hz, 800hz, 2200hz and etc. The same happens with the power, it'll jump from like 12W to 62W. Is this something to worry about? My CPU is an Intel i7-4790k and has not been overclocked.
  18. TheGRz

    Question Ryzen 5 1600 Build in 2019

    Hey I'm 2 weeks near to my 2nd Ryzen Build. I earlier had a Ryzen 3 2200G Entry level pc which i had assembled myself ( And had faced issues due to Ram which is not listed in the QVL). Now it's mu second build, I'm almost a noob in picking Ryzen memory. This time I'm making sure that everything...
  19. P

    AMD A10 9700 APU Query

    Hi All Hoping someone can clarify what might be a very straightforward query for me regarding the mentioned AMD A10 9700 APU in the title. Does the fact that this unit have CPU and GPU cores mean that you do not need a graphics card to produce a display? As I said, a pretty straightforward...
  20. M

    Ryzen 7 2700x

    Hello, I recently built a completely new PC. Here are the specs: Case: COOLER MASTER CHASSIS MASTERBOX Q300L PSU: AKASA PSU 850W Cobra Mobo: B450M PRO4 CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X (20MB Cache, 3.7GHz Turbo 4.3GHz) Boxed with Cooler Socket AM4 RAM: DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB (2x16GB)...
  21. M

    Dell SSD this computer hardware may not support booting.

    Okay so basically I'm having Dell N5010 model and I replaced SSD with the optical drive. I tried to install a new windows there and I got the famous problem of "windows cannot be installed to this disk. this computer's hardware may not support booting" in which I searched online a lot. Here are...
  22. D

    Should I wait for the 9th Generation Coffee Lake Refresh CPUs?

    I plant to buy the intel i5-8400 but a day ago I read that it is rumored that the new cpu would be released on the 1st of August so should I wait for their release or just buy the 8400?.
  23. N

    changed thermal paste, now GPU gets too hot and restarts

    Two weeks ago i changed thermal paste of my GPU because card is +4years but there really was no need and now i regret it so much. Now my GPU under load easily goes 80C and my computer restarts. Sometimes it restarts at even 75C. When i turn the AC ON in my room then temp stays at 69-70C under...
  24. A

    How to connect the laptop to egpu and then to monitor?

    I have HP envy i5 8th gen please suggest me an egpu which connects to my laptop and then to monitor.
  25. M

    Laptop doesn’t boot up

    Laptop won’t startup after making a bunch of clicking noises and then giving up. Windows 10. https://youtu.be/gL2zx1nNGpQ - where the sound is https://youtu.be/obdtXJZkUis - error it gives after 10mins. I tried the options but nothing seems to happen...
  26. M

    Should I buy Processor with Integrated Graphic or Dedicated Graphic?

    So, I want to build my first PC and I'm confused which to build, considering that GPU prices are sky-rocketing right now. So I have two option 1. Ryzen 2400G with Integrated Graphic and save the rest of money to buy VGA (for god-knows-when will it drop) which takes a lot more time or 2. Ryzen...
  27. S

    My laptop is not getting on, and I want to transfer all the data from taht laptop to my hard drive. But I don't know how?

    My laptop is not getting on, and I want to transfer all the data from taht laptop to my hard drive. But I don't know how?
  28. K

    Potato FPS After installing Portal 2

    I have installed Portal 2 and now all my games run TERRIBLY. Specs: i3-6100 GTX 950 Original HDD: 500GB Western Digital Green Power Any tips will be appreciated (I have restarted my PC and reinstalled GPU Drivers)
  29. P

    How to turn a windows install usb drive into a normal drive

    I have a usb drive that is used for installing windows 10. I don't really need it anymore so I thought I should turn it into a regular thumb drive. Wouldn't mind having 14GB of extra storage, right? So I tried to format it but the computer says it is write protected. I tried to remove the write...
  30. CaolanD

    Weird FPS Issue

    i play most of my games at 60fps constant but sometimes when i play after a certain length of time my game suddenly drops to below 10 fps and it stays like that until i either restart the game or set its priority at high. if anyone can help with this problem i would much appreciate it. Thank...
  31. J

    Cheap B250 Motherboards (50-100$ canadian)

    Im wondering if anyone has any good mobo recommendations for kaby lake cpus
  32. Evoflash

    Cpu usage at 100% also got a Clock WatchDog Timeout

    Specs Intel core i7 6700k msi krait z170a motherboard 16 gb pny anarchy 2800mhz ddr4 ram EVGA sc gtx 1070 gpu corsair h100i liquid cpu cooler corsair cx750m power supply Samsung 850 evo 512gb ssd Got a timeout bsod last night while playing wildlands. Noticed that when I play cpu is at 100%...
  33. P

    network problem to solve

    how to configure gre tunnel interface and another interface with different eigrp AS in same router (cisco) ?
  34. M

    Solution to Stolen TV's

    Good Day, I am looking for expect that can help me with a application or device that can be used to track stolen TV's. it's neither through using TV serial number as long as it can show TV's locations or addresses when it get switched on. please help
  35. A

    GPU fan speed.

    Hello, I have GTX 970. And In my country, summers can be tough for gaming. So I usually ramp up GPU's fan speed. While that helps keeping GPU's temp below 75c. I wanted to ask what's the 'not dangerous' range of GPU's fan speed. I keep it at 80% while gaming. So is it okay ? Or am I hurting my...
  36. N

    Issues with Ethernet connections

    Router(provided by cable company): Netgear AC1900 C6300BD Ethernet cable: long cable connected from the router to built gaming PC, short cable from router to PS4 My roommate is convinced that my desktop being plugged into the router is disrupting his internet connection when he streams HBO or...
  37. A

    Ok so i just built a new pc and sometimes it just crashes,sometimes im gaming others im not,sometimes the GPU fan revs up some

    HELP. GPU keeps crashing. Ok so i just built a new pc and sometimes it just crashes,sometimes im gaming others im not,sometimes the GPU fan revs up sometimes it doesnt.And i have to reboot. case NZXT H440W NE motherboard Asus Maximus VIII Formula CPU Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0GHz RAM...
  38. M

    390x temperature - idle

    Hello everyone! I just built a PC with 390x as my GPU with the case Spec-02 from Corsair. Its idle temperature while I'm only using MS Word is 67 celcius and when I play the Division on ultra settings, it reaches up to 75C to 77C. I've played for two hours and the temp stays around those...
  39. T

    asus x99-a bios flash loop problem

    hey everyone- I recently tried to do a bios update for my asus x-99a , after the flash it doesn't boot and instead goes into an infinite loop or powering on for a split second and powering back off... like its trying to turn on but it cant or something. I've tried multiple bios flashbacks using...
  40. I

    Revamping Old HP G6 Laptop, Will it Work

    Hello! I am currently working on revamping an old HP G6 laptop as the title says. I want to change it's current i3-2350m to an i7-2620m, and according to the manual, that should work. My worry is that the heatsink/fan may need to be changed; but they're both intel chips, so can I just switch...