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  1. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Is the Raspberry Pi Model A+ (Original) still a good board?

    I was given an old Raspberry Pi A+ (Original, not 3) by a friend. I was wondering, can you still make cool projects with it? Can you run the latest (or at least a semi-modern) version of raspbian? Or is it just too old nowadays? I wanted to start making small real-world projects that involve...
  2. R

    XBOX Red-Green Flashing Lights with Error Code 16

    So my original XBOX has been tucked away for quite a while now. It's softmodded (I think), and now whenever I power it on, I get a red-green flashing light around the eject disk button and the error code 16. I know this means a clock error, but I have no clue how to fix it. All the online...
  3. F

    Unable to detect the 2nd M.2 SSD

    Hi, I am using Asus B250i Mobo, which comes with 2x M.2 SSD (1 at the front, 1 at the back). When initial bootup, I am able to locate the front M.2, however, I did not see any back M.2. Is there anyway I can "locate" the rear M.2? Can both M.2 be used together? I am thinking of installing the...
  4. E

    h170 chipset upgrade to OC Skylake

    How does one go about updating\upgrading a H170 chipset to overclock a Skylake? Looking to save some green.
  5. I

    glossy 24' monitors can't seem to find them all are matte which are haze and sacrifice picture quailty for anti-glare

    I type glossy monitor on amazon and other websites but I get matte displays instead, I have matte display and I was really disappointed, but now I miss around with gamma colors and finally got it to a decent quality and set sharpness to the max still I think I might prefer a glossy monitor over...
  6. johnayyboyy

    Gtx 980 2-way SLi 3 monitor

    I haven't gotten my third monitor in yet, but i have received the second. But, its seems to not want to work. Ive plugged my primary Hdmi into the second monitor and everything works fine. Im thinking its the cord. Its an Hdmi to Display port cord. Which Cords would you guys recommend...