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    [SOLVED] A 125v psu cord in a 120v-250v psu plugged into a 240v outlet

    Will this work? I just bought a EVGA 500w PSU and it came with a cord which says 125v but the psu is 120v-250v. My outlet is 240v. Is it safe to plug it in?
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    [SOLVED] Differences between CM* and BX* CPU model names?

    Hi, in looking for a new CPU to buy, I am seeing CPU reference model names that start with BX* or CM* I understand the BX* means its a boxed product. But I do not understand what the CM* is (even if they Original OEM/Tray, I do not knwo what it means. Are they both identical ? Is the...
  3. [SOLVED] What is Microsoft Office SDX Helper

    Can't seem to find out what "Microsoft Office SDX Helper" is, or what the executable (sdxhelper.exe) does. It's located here: c:\program files\microsoft office\root\vfs\programfilescommonx64\microsoft shared\office16\sdxhelper.exe
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    First desktop build

    Hello! (you can skip to the bolded builds directly if you want^^) I'm a student and I would like to build a PC (the limit would be Witcher 3) and I can't decide myself what should I do. I won't make overclock either any upgrade (except a future HDD - you will see why below). First, I made a...
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    I cant remove my PSU

    Anyone know how to remove my PSU please refer to the image http://imgur.com/cMEjKBb http://imgur.com/2pjYIiO Thanks.