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Outlook Express

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  1. andytampa

    Question Outlook Express will not send one email to printer.

    I'm trying to help my friend print an email. She is using Outlook Express 6 on Windows XP Home SP3 computer. She has received an email with a coupon bar code from DSW (shoes). When I click print, the printer dialog window opens and I can select properties and do all the normal things one does...
  2. B

    Can I connect a Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless Headphones to an LG 32LJ610V TV

    Please help, I need to know if I can connect a Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless Headphones to an LG 32LJ610V TV
  3. I

    Corsair AX750 PCI-E Cabling Modification

    I am reusing the Corsair AX750 from my previous build. Since I am using a GTX1060 instead of a pair of GTX660Ti's in SLI, I only need a single PCI-E six pin connector. The AX750 has a single 12 pin connector supporting two cables, each one supporting a PCI-E connector. I am trying to minimize...
  4. A

    My Final Intel Build. Thoughts?

    Old Build: Intel Pentium E2160 1.8 ghz. Asus p5s mx se lga 775 1 gb ddr2 667 kingston ram Msi GT730 2GB DDR3 160GB Hitachi 3.5 HDD Deepcool DE500 Rakk Panasque Gaming case with Transparent side panel 5 120cm fans. IMO lots of air ventilation since the temps are too hot. Running On Windows 7 Home...
  5. J

    AMD hardware not being detected

    I sold my 1060 from this build (https://pcpartpicker.com/user/SirEugene/saved/qvKTWZ) to buy a 1070. While waiting on my 1070, I wanted to use my old R7 240 because I'm getting a couple bugs from using Intel Integrated Graphics, plus the performance is better. I popped it in and plugged my...
  6. V

    Laptop like a tv screen

    Want to use my laptop like a tv with an HDMI cable box. I use one HP G60- 645NR
  7. H

    Looking for my first PC

    Hi all, I am really eager to start gaming on a Pc but I have no experience in this area, I know nothing about PC's in general but i would like to start. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions as too what Pc I should get. My budget is $1200 but i'm willing to go over if necessary...
  8. B

    My computer randomly restarts while i am playing games.

    I have a self build computer with the following components: Motherboard: ASUS Z97-A, Socket-1150 GPU: ASUS GeForce STRIX GTX 960 2GB PhysX CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K PSU: Cooler Master G650M, 650W PSU RAM: HyperX Fury DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Black I build the pc about 2 years ago and have worked fine...
  9. S

    Why buy low speed pwm fans when otherwise-identical high speed ones can run slow?

    Hey All, I'm looking at picking up some radiator fans soon, and a lot of the pwm fans come in different speeds. In general, are the blades themselves different on these different models (same fan, different speed?) If not, why buy a low speed version when you can use PWM to run a "high speed"...
  10. Y

    Why My PC Runs Too Slow?

    I've been using ACER Laptop since few years but suddenly it's now too slow. When I run Chrome & one or multiple softwares at a time, the system gets hang & become too slow. I'm not sure if the problem is due to its memory/RAM. It has 500 GB HDD 2GB DDR3 Memory I want to get some ideas about it.

    is my print problem caused by windows 10

    my 3 pc's all have the same problem , if i do a print preview of a web page the content shown will be different to the actual web page or have parts missing. example.... go to pc world home page or pc specialists home page and look at print preview in either firefox , edge or google chrome. i...
  12. A

    Best Case under $100 USD For Watercooling?

    I'm looking for a good watercooling case for under $100, I would like for it to have a big glass window. Cooling probably won't be a problem for me since I am not planning on overclocking (yeah i know, watercooling and not overclocking???? I'm doing it for silence and for A E S T H E T I C...
  13. O

    hey guys i have an asus X54hr and i want to upgrade the cpu to core i5 or i7 is it possible to upgrade it or there is no core

    ....hey guys i have an asus X54hr and i want to upgrade the cpu to core i5 or i7 is it possible to upgrade it or there is no corei5 or i7 compatible with my laptop , and how to choose the right cpu thanks
  14. D

    my pc did not shutdown

    hello, last night i shutdown my pc but woke up to it awaiting force close or cancel. i hit cancel and noticed my anti virus was off.. restarted pc did threat scans w malwarebytes. should i worry?
  15. S

    Best value GPU for 60hz 1080p?

    Currently using a GTX 780 and thinking about an upgrade, don't have a huge budget so proper high end is off the table unfortunately. I've looked at the RX480 but I've heard it has heat problems and can fry your PCIE slot? Thanks
  16. X

    2 internet 1 pc

    Lets say I have 2 internet (internet A and Internet B) they both have 10mbps but internet A's upload isn't that great but internet B's upload is better (capable of streaming). now i want to use internet A for my games and Internet B to stream. Is it possible? and if so how? *I have my primary...
  17. C

    What monitor to chose?

    Hello so I have come down to the following monitors: Please tell me which is better over which in terms of software, performance and most importantly the colors. Thank you Iiyama Red Eagle 27" TN- 379 euros- http://www.monitorstore.nl/product/669643/iiyama-g-master-red-eagle-gb2788hs-b1.html?s=k...
  18. T

    What's ram is better

    I ordered g.skill 2x8gb link1 But now realised that it's optimised for Z170 when I ordered a x99 asus pro, with Intel 5960, It's planned to be dispatched on 7th March so I can still cancel. I was looking before to get corsair dominator link2 which is optimised for x99, do you guys think I...
  19. N

    Multiple monitors on R9 390 having issues

    Hey guys, I just installed an R9 390 and it's running great. Have put in several hours of gaming and temperatures look good and all three of my monitors look great. One problem I'm having, that I didn't have with my GTX-770 2GB that I replaced, is that when I am using three monitors and I...
  20. M

    How well should I be able to run overwatch?

    Hi I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to computers anyway this is what I can tell you right now about my pc. I can give more details when I get home. Recommended (targeting 60fps on Medium settings): Operating system: Windows Vista/7/ 8/10 64-bit (latest Service Pack) Processor: Intel Core...