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    Question Outlook Deleted Data File

    I am trying to help a professor at my college. Outlook Data File(.ost) was removed and now his emails are synced, but does not have calendars, contacts, etc. However, the web version of Outlook contains the correct information. How can I sync the web version to her outlook desktop app so she has...
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    Question Outlook Email Hack Concern

    Something happened recently that has me very worried. I was using company computer and opening/reading company Outlook emails. I opened/viewed email attachments. At one point, I opened Internet Explorer and was checking the history. I accidentally clicked on something that looks like this (this...
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    [SOLVED] Outlook Mail telemetry

    I have an Intel desktop with Win 10 Pro and the MS Office Suite which includes Outlook. I recently began a trial of Eset security software and set it to require my permission to scan any outgoing mail communications. These are non-"send" functions that seem to be triggered by various security...
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    Question outlook 2007 autocomplete adress

    Hello, Is there a possibility that outlook recognize contact not only by the first letter of the address? For example, if i have contact john.white@gmail.com, i want that address pop up on suggested names when i start to type whi... Or if i start to type with letter "g"... (gmail) It will only...
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    Question how to find adminstartor password of my cloud user?

    hey, i have a cloud outlook account on my windows 11 pro, i log in through pin code or fingerprint from logon screen. when requesting SSH server it request me user's password!(which i never set), what could it be?and how can i find it/set it?* * tried entering pin code/outlook account, did not work!
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    Question Flagged message on Outlook 365

    Good day friends. Due follow up email i flag some important emails. For each company i have separated folders. My problem is, when i mark flagged message from filters it shows only ones that is in inbox. Doesn't show others in the folders. is there a way show all flagged messages including...
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    Question Script Error Coming on Windows 10

    Dear Community, I am facing this Weird issue that some times when a user re-authenticates through Firewall he/she gets this error while connecting outlook. The user has clicked on yes to proceed. This issue also occurs when they change password of their system , We are not using Internet...
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    Question Outlook 2k19 - randomly doesn't save sent items in sent items

    Hello, I have an issue that outlook doesn't save sent mails in proper (any) folder. It's rather uncomfortable as I don't have any proof that I sent the mail ;) After reading the Internet and going through settings I noticed one thing - when I am replying or creating new message and when I click...
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    [SOLVED] create outlook plugin

    Hi, I have outlook at work and need to set folders colors. I know it is not possible to do as a simple user. Is it possible to do it by creating a plugin ? how do I create a plugin ? I have timetables in word. I manually make meetings in outlook for that time tables. Is it possible to create...
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    [SOLVED] Outlook won't open. Asks for 'Outlook data file password' and then 'Cannot start Outlook...'

    Hi everyone, when I try to open Outlook from my desktop, a window appears (titled: "Outlook data file password") asking me for a password. Now im not sure what my password is because i don't think i ever set one. But anyway once i type a password in, it then comes up with a window saying ...
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    [SOLVED] Minitool ShadowMaker Clone doesn't Clone Outlook Data

    I cloned a HDD to a SSD with MiniTool ShadowMaker and everything works except the Outlook data wasn't copied over. The profile was saved but the emails had to be redownloaded and the contacts weren't there. I've done this multiple times with different computers and get the same result. Not sure...
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    [SOLVED] Fed up with Outlook

    Hi guys. I'm moving my goods to a new Windows 10 pc (again) and again I'm faced with moving Outlook (2016) to a new pc. The PST files aren't a problem, but I lose all my account data, all my reply-to addresses, and generally have to re-set up the entire program aside from my old emails. Does...
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    Question OST to PST Conversion Needed

    I have an OST file containing data I lost in 2005 when the hosted Exchange service I was using screwed up massively and I had to switch to a different one. It's not critical - I just want to fill a gap in my record keeping. I can't create a profile that would allow me to open it in Outlook and I...
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    Question Outlook Rule to flag unanswered emails after a specific amount of time

    The company I work for is slowly trying to re-structure our email system, specifically how we respond to emails sent to our main support distro. Now instead of pretty much everyone responding to support emails as they come in, only our scheduling department (2 or 3 people) are supposed to be...
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    Question One of my computers doesnt load some websites and apps

    Alright... some days ago I started to notice that some websites didnt load. This is really annoying now because im unable to download Photoshop(Adobe doesnt load) Im unable to access websites like outlook.com ect Steam loads really slow now, with a red link in the top left corner. This only...
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    Question Migrating profile to another computer?

    Hello guys. The problem: My mother's computer is a bit old. My father passed away recently and his laptop is considerably better than hers. The thing is, there are important stuff in her computer, like her outlook emails, the taxes software's data, along with other particular configurations that...
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    [SOLVED] Which would you recommend PG258Q or the PG278QR

    After some advice in which to go for i mainly play fps games and will be using it with a rtx 2080 on a ryzen 7 build. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/245-asus-rog-swift-pg258q-240hz-nvidia-g-sync-tn-1920x1080-1ms-10001-black-displayport-hdmi-2x-usb-3...
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    How to fix a black screen on my Mecer laptop. Already tried the ctrl+alt+del. Didn't work. And battery unremovable

    I need help how do I resolve a black screen on my Mecer unremovable Battey laptop
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    AMD Lands in Acer's New Chromebook 315

    At the CES tech conference in Las Vegas today, Acer announced the Acer Chromebook 315, powered by an AMD APU with AMD Radeon graphics and arriving in North America this February starting at $279.99. AMD Lands in Acer's New Chromebook 315 : Read more
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    7700k OC voltage higher than my manual set during gameplay

    i have manually dropped my VCore from stock(was @1.3) to 1.225V and managed to get a stable 4.6GHz however by using HWiNFO64 im reading 1.345V which causes extra temperature increase during gameplay. Now; I am aware 7700k runs hot compared to the other processors , not delidded. so I am curious...
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    How do I play my wireless headphones at the same time

    I can only get one side to work
  22. W

    4000 GB of RAM reserved for hardware?

    I have 2X4GB GSkill Ripjaws V and an ASUS Prime X370-Pro motherboard. I have tried MSConfig and made sure the sticks are in the right slots. Any ideas?
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    GPU Not Responding- Fan and Lights not Turning on Either

    Hello, I just build a new PC using some new parts and the old gtx 1070 and the ram from my old one. It was running absolutely perfectly for a week and a half but just yesterday while I was playing Rocket League my screen went black and then blue saying there was no HDMI input. The odd thing was...
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    Acer travel mate 3010 stuck on windows loading screen

    Windows xp stuck on loadinding mode
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    PSU compatibility with ups

    Hi, I am going to have this build for a Windows PC for basic internet usage Asus h110m-d,6th gen ddr4 Intel core i3-6100 LGA 1151 Corsair 8 GB ddr4 vengeance lpx 2133 MHz Antec vp450 My area power cut issues like 5-10mins/day. I always shut down PC if it exceeds 10 mins. I have a new ups...
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    my laptop keeps rebooting nonstop.

    My asus laptop is in a reboot loop because I changed the OS. I can't go into safe mode.
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    Wht to do when the keyboard is not working in my Asus laptop.... ND I can't even unolock my device

    Wht to do when the keyboard is not working in my Asus laptop.... ND I can't even unolock my device....... Wht to do
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    Home Server PC - what to do w/ it???

    I recently got an ASUS server pc (Model - TS Mini) from a church friend.. What do I do with it?? Just Curious - I've built a pc before and I have experience It is running an Atom chip & running Unix command line - so I was thinking I could use it to save personal data with family and...
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    my wraith max metal latch wont reach the plastic tab

    I bought a wraith max cooler and the metal bar wont reach the plastic tab on my b350f even with force
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    Lenovo T420 issues with replacement battery

    Bought a 3rd party replacement battery for my Lenovo T420. Powered down, removed AC adapter, installed the new battery, plugged AC adapter back in, powered up. Waited 10 minutes, unplugged AC adapter, PC shut down. Plugged adapter back in, powered PC back up, left up for 10 hours to ensure full...
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    CPU Cooler going to 100% in windows but not in the bios?

    I turned on my PC this morning, and while it was turning on it was at its normal volume and everything was normal, then it booted into windows and the CPU cooler went straight to 100% and became very loud. I restarted my PC, same problem. I've only had this computer for a couple of months now...
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    Getting frame drops while playing Ghost recon wildlands

    Hi all, I recently (end of februari) got myself a new pc, although I am very happy with my purchase, for the last couple of weeks I've been experiencing framedrops while playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. It just drops from 40-50 FPS right down to 1 or 2 FPS and it does it constantly...
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    SSD will not clone

    I have a 1tb HDD in my desktop pc and have just installed a 240 gb SSD. On my HDD the amount used is 210 gb. On my new 240gb SSD there is 223 gb of space. Macrium Reflect tells me it cannot clone as there is insufficient space. Any ideas anyone please?
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    First PC build!

    Some time ago, I decided, after a long time of having no desktop around, that I would get into PC-gaming again. Me, being the noob that I was, looked more at the relatively decent price (so I could get the PC and game ASAP), instead of diving in deeper to find out what I needed etc.. Right now I...
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    HDD Health ? Smart OK. Worth using?

    Hi, smart shows that the HDD looks OK, it is a WD, old ntb. But is it really OK? Nothing to worry about it? Thanks for any reply/help.
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    Canon iR1018j Driver

    Hello, Does anybody own a instance of Canon iR1018j Driver, not iR1018. If yes, can somebody please upload and share link? Thank You. Drivers from Canon support website do not work. Yes I am sure. My OS: Windows 10 x64 Driver from http://www.top4office.com/drivers/canon-ir-1018-photocopier/...
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    PC Problem (?) Micro Stutters in Game Menus + Disk Usage High on all apps when idle on dekstop, GAMEPLAY normal

    This is my problem. Whenever i enter any games like (CS:GO, PUBG, Factorio, World of Tanks) The main menu lags. Like lets say i turn up PUBG the fps is very low while launching up the lobby it goes from 20-30 FPS back to the normal 60 FPS and stays there and i can enter the actuall game and it...
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    My computer lags for few seconds then freezes

    Everytime I play some game like Overwatch, Killing Floor 2, Battlerite, League of legends, etc... the game freezes and after a while it crashes. Also rarely my computer is lagging even on desktop and then freezes. I installed another OS, I was on win 7 now I got win 10, problem's the same, I...
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    Find out encryption method with input and output

    I got both, input and output and I want to know know which algorithm and/or key was used. I it even possible? There is any brute force script for it?
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    horizontal white lines when playing games

    i have horizontal white lines when playing games. doesn't happen when a game isn't open. I have tried using vsync and triple buffering and they make the lines not flicker as much, but they are still there and very noticeable and annoying. I do have a 60hz monitor, and my PC does run most games...