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    Question Overclocking my Sapphire R9 280 3 GB

    Hey, I'd like to overclock my Sapphire R9 280 3 GB using the AMD Radeon Software Tuning Feature. But I have no idea how to use that feature. So I would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance View: https://imgur.com/0fEzU4l
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    Question Dead Computer after Overclock (beginner)

    Hello all. first my specs: core i5 7600k, MSI z270 SLI PLUS, EVGA GQ 750 Watts, Asus Strix 2080 TI. so, I have had a Stable overclock for months, to 4.9 GHz and the CPU core voltage was about like 1.200 volts (something that was always weird to me because many sources were talking about...
  3. Question CPU settings stuck on AUTO in BIOS after BIOS update

    Not sure this is the right section, however.. I've just updated my Bios (mb: MSI z170a gaming m5) to the last version and, in my 'OC setttings menu', CPU ratio and Ring ratio are stuck on AUTO. Let me explain better . Before that update i was stable on my own overclock profile and i'd make...
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    Question Should i overclock my monitor?

    So i have the Asus ROG Swift PG278QR 27 monitor. And out of the box it comes at 144 hz. But it can be overclocked to 165 hz. But when i bought the monitor, some of the employees at the computer section told me to not overclock it. As "it may damage it" Is it safe to overcloc this monitor or...
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    Windows 10 Programs Briefly "Not Responding"

    Recently, I noticed that some of my programs seem to "flicker". I discovered that the flickering was actually these programs "not responding" for a very short amount of time and then returning to normal. This is accompanied by the icon for the program disappearing in the taskbar and then quickly...
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    my cpu temperature on idle and playing games

    hello everyone i got a question about my cpu temperatures on idle the cpu is around 43-45c Celsius on Idle and when playing games or on programs its around 50c and i downloaded a program to tell me the temps but the temps are different to what they say in the bios on Idle it says 40c but when i...