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    [SOLVED] Over provisioning

    Hi On Windows 10 I'm running the latest Samsung Magician on a 970 Samsung 1TB EVO plus NvME, 2 x Samsung EVO 850 hard drives and a 512GB Dell NvME. It seems that overprovisioning often isn't working via Magican, often it comes up "not supported". Can I just partition it so that the last 10%...
  2. Question Samsung Magician over provisioning set-up stuck

    I installed Samsung Magician and by default the over provisioning was set to 10%. I clicked on "run over provisioning" expecting to allocate more space and after a short run (with a message "over provision is running. please do not perform other tasks while work in progress") I faced this screen...
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    Is this Build Okay???`

    i want to build a new rig this is what im thinking so far. dont want to spend over 1200 so any input would be great. i have never built before so please correct me if you see something i need to do or missed. also this is for gaming and normal use i dont video edit or anything...
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    7990 still worth it?

    Just wondering if the 7990 is still a option.