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    [SOLVED] 500GB WD_BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD - Will Over Provisioning Increase Performance?

    I have read a bit about OP, but I'm not sure if it even helps with NVMe having trim and all that. My 500GB SSD is actually 465GB because of false advertising, and how GB is actually calculated as 465GB, I think this was a coincidence that 7% OP is what is done by default since that is 7% less...
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    [SOLVED] Should update my ssd firmware if i do not have any issues ?

    Hi , I have an 860 evo 1 tb . Fresh os installed November 2020 and no issues . I installed Samsung magician and informs me about the new firmware . Do i need to update if i do not have issues ?(read 561 mb/s , write 531mb/s) Also i have 699gb free do i need to enable the over provisioning ? Thanks .
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    [SOLVED] Over provisioning

    Hi On Windows 10 I'm running the latest Samsung Magician on a 970 Samsung 1TB EVO plus NvME, 2 x Samsung EVO 850 hard drives and a 512GB Dell NvME. It seems that overprovisioning often isn't working via Magican, often it comes up "not supported". Can I just partition it so that the last 10%...
  4. Question Samsung Magician over provisioning set-up stuck

    I installed Samsung Magician and by default the over provisioning was set to 10%. I clicked on "run over provisioning" expecting to allocate more space and after a short run (with a message "over provision is running. please do not perform other tasks while work in progress") I faced this screen...
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    Is this Build Okay???`

    i want to build a new rig this is what im thinking so far. dont want to spend over 1200 so any input would be great. i have never built before so please correct me if you see something i need to do or missed. also this is for gaming and normal use i dont video edit or anything...
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    7990 still worth it?

    Just wondering if the 7990 is still a option.