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  1. BubbieRemilia

    Question Ryzen 3 1200 downclocking to 1.5ghz after OC

    So... my friend overclocked my two rigs. My old ddr2 rig overclocked just fine from 2.66 to a little over 3ghz on a core 2 duo setup but on my ryzen 3 1200 build he tried to o it to 3.99 which it’s no crashing or BSOD BUT cpu z and hwmonitor BOTH say its running at 1.5ghz. Mind you he REMOVED...
  2. S

    Question Best budget motherboard for overclocking I7 8700k

    #1 OK so title explains what I want I guess so my whole my situation I sold my Pc which was I7 2600 gtx 1060 6gb To upgrade to ryzen 3600 which cost 248 dollars in my country but just today I found NC guy who is selling His I7 8700k ( for 233.38 usd and new cost 416 usd) because he is buying i9...
  3. [SOLVED] Is my cpu overclocked

    Good morning. I have a Coffe Lake 15 8600k @3.6 CPU. this are mi specifitacions: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 OC 8GB Asus CPU: I5-8600k @3.60GHz Ram: 8 GB 2666 Mhz MB: gigabyte z370 HD3 OS: Win 10 x64 Bought it more than a year ago, but just now I am thinking about overclocking it. Thing is, that...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] RAM not running at intended freq

    I am having an issue with my ram. As you see my viper patriot rgb 16 gb (8*2) is running on 2132. If I change this to anything above 2132, my system will turn off after saving, turn on for a second and then turn off, repeat and then turn on with ram running at 2132 again. I have an asrock x470...
  5. K

    Question I need help with overclocking.

    Pretty simple really. I have an i5 9600k running in a gigabyte z370 XP SLI motherboard, and the cpu is being cooled by a custom loop with a 360mm and 240mm radiator (graphics card is in that loop as well, so not too overkill). I understand two things with overclocking; changing the core ratio...
  6. L

    Question RTX 2070 artifacting when power limit is set to max

    Hi guys! So I just got 2070 gaming z, then used msi oc scanner and when it set a curve of +135 core clock I was using it for a couple of days without problems. Then I booted up RE2 and suddenly white artifacts everywhere! I noticed in that moment power usage was 104 while power limit was set to...
  7. ZakariyaAbbas

    Question MSI or ASRock?

    I want to buy a quality B450 Motherboard for Ryzen 5 2400G. Based on overclock which one from below will be better? Please leave your brand bias and specify the reason #MSI B450M Bazooka Plus -- #ASRock B450M Pro4 -- Note :: I don't care much about the look. Thanks in advance for your...
  8. T

    Question How can I (if possible) overclock a Pentium T4300??

    So, hello everybody, I have an old Acer Aspire 5738ZG (specs: Intel Pentium T4100 @ 2.10Ghz, NVidia GForce GM105M) that i wished to overclock the cpu.. Well, its a laptop, so I know thermals are bad, but I just want some boost on performance. Knowing that is a locked cpu, I tried my best at...
  9. P

    Question Question Will this overclock damage my gpu, or is it too weak?

    This is my first time overclocking anything, and I have some questions. I used EVGA Precision Xoc and MSI Afterburner. (All the info is in the picture, I just didn't know that you could upload photos). (third time post attempt bc debilitated). In precision X the voltage percentage is set to...
  10. P

    Question Will this overclock damage my gpu, or is it too weak?

    This is my first time overclocking anything, and I have some questions. I used EVGA Precision Xoc and MSI Afterburner. (All the info is in the picture, I just didn't know that you could upload photos). In precision X the voltage percentage is set to 90%. -Power target 116% -Temp target 91 C...
  11. Bad_Company

    [SOLVED] PC restarting before boot

    Hi, I have the following issue. I tried pushing my cpu and ram oc a little further than usual. Everything is done manually, no docp/xmp. 2700x is 4.3 @1.41 . ram is 3400 14-15-14-14-30. I have also tuned one by one secondary and tertiary timings. ram is @1.38 and soc voltage boosted up to 1.15v...
  12. I

    Question Air Cooler Suggestion for i5 9600k 4.8Ghz OC ?

    Hello. I am thinking about building a rig with the specs below and I am pretty new to this OC thing. It is mainly for gaming and I wonder if the Cryorig H7 can handle 4.8Ghz OC'd 9600k with decent temps ( preferably under 65 ). If it can't which cooler should I go for ? Thank you. Gigabyte Z390...
  13. G

    Question Weird 2060 issue - Low FPS overlocking

    I just installed a Zotac RTX 2060 dual fan. I was going to put an overclock on it +150 CPU and +500 on memory. So I load up MSI Afterburner. Put the OC in and run Heaven along with it. At this point I do not have the Heaven window focused. Running fine. As soon as I focus the window, FPS...
  14. C

    Question Okay So i wanna Over clock my gpu

    I have an HP Omen 870-224 I5-7400 8gb Single channel ram 1tb & 750Gb Hard Drive Gtx 1060 3gb 500 W Power Supply I have installed MSI Afterburner now I just need to know what's best and what not to do obviously don't mess with VOLTAGES
  15. M

    Question dh61cr

    (sorry for the bad english) can i overclock i5 2400 or a i5 2500 on this intel dh61cr motherboard? how or why?
  16. ScarH3ad

    Question Timings in overclocked DDR4 concerning

    A few days ago I upgraded to 9th gen and decided to overclock. Everything went fine with CPU but Ram has me concerned. I have 8gb DDR4 2133Mhz with timings-15. Initially I bumped it up to 3200Mhz and V1.3. System crashed on startup. I brought it down to 2400Mhz and it loaded fine with Cas...
  17. F

    Question Fx cpu wont OC to atleast turbo clock

    I have a fx 8320e 3.2ghz to 4ghz turbo but when i overclock i can only get to 3.7ghz then its unstable and get a blue screen for windows. You would think you could just overclock to your turbo clock and it would be stable. Not sure if its a voltage issue or my cpu is just shit. Any help to aid...
  18. J

    Question how to oc

    i just got a fx 6300 BE and a atx asus m5a97 r 2.0 mobo and want to over clock it to 4.0ghz and i ihave a hyper 212 evo and 8 gigs of ram at 1066mhz whats good for oc
  19. P

    Question Will 850w psu (evga g3) be enough for 9900K and 2080Ti?

    alright ill cut to the chase 9900K EK velocity block strix 2080Ti EK strix block Maximus XI Formula built in EK CrossChill 3 I believe it's called for the VRMs Vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHz 32GB samsung evo 970 250g samsung evo 860 500g 6 LL120 fans EK PE 360 rad front mount EK SE 240 rad...
  20. H

    Didn't Know Where To Put This.

    So I wanted to make a Google Chrome theme with multiple pictures and I just don't know what I can use, the two or three I've tried only allow one pic and I want a Patriots picture, a Celtics picture, a Red Sox picture, and a Bruins picture in a rectangle shape with "Boston Strong" in the middle...