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  1. rookieGamer

    Question overclocking 2200G

    system ryzen 2200G+stock cooler gigabyte AB350 gaming 3 rev1x 2400mhz 2x4gb smasung 860evo corsair VS450 orange so i been thinking of overclocking it a little bit from base clock of 3.5 to 3.6-3.65ghz for CPU and 1100 to 1200-1250 for GPU, while keeping voltage to Auto in bios. i am just...
  2. F

    Question Upgrade but keep the cables

    Hi all I got my PC watercooled by someone and after using it for a few months I began to think that my PSU maybe isn't capable of it since I can't really overclock it. I got a I7-8700k at max 4.7Ghz and a RTX 2080 TI which reaches 1995 Mht, maybe 2010 Mhz at Max. when gaming. My PSU is only a...
  3. T

    Question Did I kill my 980ti by trying to underclock?

    While playing borderlands 3 my game started crashing every 5-15 minutes. This was the first time I've seen a game behave this way with my 980ti. After searching for GPU crashes after 100% usage I found one mentioning to stabilize the GPU by under-clocking the core and memory speed by 50 until it...
  4. M

    Question I can't OC my 8700k to 4.7 ghz

    Hey I have an 8700k that I have been trying to OC to 4.7 GHz for the last couple of days. I tried so many voltages for 4.7 GHz and this is what happened. From 1.260 to 1.275 my PC was crashing when I was running Intel burn test it was crashing when testing. From 1.275 to 1.310 v it didn't crash...
  5. Kian8492

    Question 2 rams with diffrent frequencies

    Hi everybody.i am using 2 rams with different frequencies, one with 1333 mhz 2gb and another one with 1600 mhz 4gb, I activated xmp profile for the second one, should I remove the weaker one or motherboard will use both of them as their frequency?
  6. idinku

    Question I want to overclock my 10 year old pc please help.

    Motherboard :- M5A78L-M LX3 Processor:- AMD Phenom II X4 B60 Ram:- 8gb ddr3 Gpu:- Asus GeForce GT 520 1Gb Psu:- Corsair VS 450 Hard-disk :- 1tb sata Normal processor fan and normal case with one fan . I want to increase as much as possible from this spec
  7. Sekeres

    Question Overclock Cpu in GA-M61PM-S2

    i am using : amd athlon ii x4 620 , 1.6Ghz PSU 500 watt 6gb Ram ddr2 400Mhz Vga gtx 650 ti i want oveclock my PC, but i have overclock just 2.8 Ghz using overclok in bios, with FSB 215, Multipler x13, HT speed x5, NB x10 why i am increase FSB more than 215 its will be downgrade processor...
  8. J

    Discussion DDR3 Memory Overclock past XMP

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering about my overclock on the 2 memory modules I am using in my PC (Using ASUS p8Z77-m pro Motherboard and I7 3770): Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz CL9-10-9-27-2T 1.5V 2x8gb dual channel It is originally a kit of 4 but I purchased 2 sticks. I decided to mess...
  9. MJC1219

    Question Help With Overclocking i7 9700k

    Hey guys I just built my first rig and am new to overclocking. I am looking to OC my i7-9700k but am not sure what all settings I need to do in the BIOS. Would like to clock it around 4.8 or 4.9 ghz. My motherboard is an MSI z390 gaming plus and have 16gb of Corsair LPX vengeance 3000mhz ddr4...
  10. X

    Question Is my cpu temp normal running prime95 with scythe Fuma revb?

    I recently bought Scythe Fuma revb inorder to oc my ryzen 2600x to 4.1ghz/4.2ghz . I managed to get 4.1ghz at 1.3125 vcore. Running prime95 with small fft 1344k(min-max) for 30 min gives me an average of 74.4ºC (tctl/tdie) and a maximum of 81.8ºC. Are these temp okay and my cooler doing well or...
  11. luk17

    [SOLVED] Render server x5675

    Hi i would like to create a server render farm, i need core with high clock speed, and ram, i don't need gpu, i already have one old that will be enough. I don't have so much money(around 200 max max 250 Dollar/euro) and after searching stuff i have this x5675 ( 40$ one ) that i would like to...
  12. K

    PC Turns on, no display.

    I've decided to use spare parts I had around to build my dad a new comp, and while everything succeeds to turn on, it doesn't seem to work. I've made sure all the power connectors were connected into the mobos and the GPU, I've also made sure that the RAMS are right in place. I also tried...