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  1. neonplants

    Question Help choosing a cooler for overclocking i9-10900, w RAM clearance

    Hey all, I completed my first streaming build a month or so ago. Turns out I’m doing more intense stuff in OBS and After Effects than expected, so I want to correct my mistake and upgrade my CPU. Looking into getting a new i9-10900. I had a bad experience trying to install the 212 EVO, so I...
  2. J

    Question Unable to overclock

    When i open bios and set CPU core ratio to 40.00 and restart it again reset itself to 34.00. my CPU is Ryzen 2700 and motherboard is Asus TUF B450 plus gaming. Also i want to know that when i overclock my GPU with MSI afterburner and click startup option then do i have to start it everytime i...