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  1. unreal13571

    Question overclocking my new hardware

    Hi Guys, Can you help with what you would suggest to overclock my new parts coming tomorrow? currently have an i5 3570 (old I know!) with a 1080 which its been bottlenecking for a while now so I got some parts to go with my 1080 (already have a decent cooler). Can you suggest what some safe...
  2. G

    Question Vcore cant go higher that 0.300v in b450 bios

    I have GIGABYTE B450M DS3H-CF mother and I am trying to overcloak Ryzen 5 2600. In the bios there is option to increase the dynamic vcore but it wont go higher than 0.300v. I need to get to 1.425v . I have tried to oc with amd ryzen master and i got to 41.00 with 1.425v . How to make the mobo...
  3. T

    Question i5 7600k vs BF5 continous 100% cpu usage and low fps

    Hello everyone i have huge problem that im bothering for a few days. It all started when I first installed battlefield 5. From the first time i have fps problems cant get more than 60+ fps on ultra. Changing video settings to low gives me even less performance around 35-45 fps. Check many...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] How to properly OC an RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ ?

    I have read a guide online on how to OC, and for the most part it sounds right but some parts I do not understand. I am fairly new to GPU OC'ing so go easy on me. I posted a picture of my MSI Afterburner base, and then my MSI Afterburner with the OC that they told me to put. this is the website...
  5. S

    Question Best budget motherboard for overclocking I7 8700k

    #1 OK so title explains what I want I guess so my whole my situation I sold my Pc which was I7 2600 gtx 1060 6gb To upgrade to ryzen 3600 which cost 248 dollars in my country but just today I found NC guy who is selling His I7 8700k ( for 233.38 usd and new cost 416 usd) because he is buying i9...
  6. S

    Ok to leave my pc in the heat?

    Im going to be moving soon, and living in Florida it gets pretty hot outside, we are going to leave the trailer somewhere in Georgia while we explore other states for a few weeks. Will it cause harm to my computer or peripherals to be left in the heat for that long? Assuming that the inside of...