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  1. Vana Ivan Pandovski

    [SOLVED] I found a setting in my updated BIOS called "LCLK DPM" -- what is it ?

    So I updated the BIOS and In it I found something called LCLK DPM, can someone explain to me what does that stands for and what is it's purpose ? I checked google but I kinda didn't find much on it. So I really want to know what is that, should I enable it, disable it or leave it on Auto ? Here...
  2. ccoo84

    [SOLVED] Over Clocking i7 7700k on ASUS B250M-A

    Hello, I know that this board doesn't overclock to my knowlodge but I want to get more out of my PC. I have a really cheap motherboard because I had to sell my old Beast of a computer & I kept the i7 7700k. I can't seem to get it to boost to it's 4.5mhz it won't go past 4.39mhz. I messed with...
  3. Y

    Question Overclocking RTX 3070 for Mining

    I have an overclocking question. I started experimenting mining ethereum with my alienware laptop that has a Nvidia RTX 3070 8MB ram. I am running the gpu memory clock at 1700mhz & the core clock at -502mhz and its drawing 140w of power and the fan is at 100% . The temp of gpu is showing 62C. Is...
  4. r.vartanyanov

    Question Mining with Rx 580 and Rx 480 but can't OC Memory

    So I have a mining rig with 3 GPUs MSI Z390 GAMING Plus I3 9100F ( using the 580 card for monitor) DeepCool DA700 Watt PSU 570 Micron , 580 and 480 both samsung I get 570 to 2200 with 1150/950mV up to 31 mh/s with no bios modding /doesnt work on it. but with 480 and 580 whatever i do I cant...
  5. D

    Question i9 9900k + TUF Z370

    Hello, Currently, I own an Intel 8700. I want to upgrade my system to an 8 core CPU for high refresh rate gaming. So, I was thinking to go for an i9 9900k or an i7 10700k. I am more inclined towards the 9900k as I don't have to buy a new motherboard. But, I am not sure if my current...
  6. dmff_007

    Question Overclocking a GT 610 without fan, is it safe?

    Hey! Is it safe to OverClock my GT 610 2GB without a fan? As the GPU doesn't have a fan, I can't control the fan speed in the MSI afterburner. How hot should a GT 610 run while playing games anyway? CPU has a fan, and the case has a fan too (Model Tacens ALU III)
  7. L

    Question Do I have to change the Clock Ratio of a CPU to Auto if I'm using Intel's Turbo Boost Technology?

    Hi, So a few days ago I decided to try out the Intel Turbo Boost Technology in my i3-10100F 3.60GHz ~ 4.30 GHz. And from the videos I watched and the threads I read, I know that it basically runs at the base speed whenever we leave the PC in an idle state, or just browsing the web and what not...
  8. K

    Question Ryzen 7 3800x and Gigabyte B450 AORUS ELITE V2, working 24/7 on Linux

    Hello, My PC is using to compressing files 24/7. I would like to do overclocking of 3800x. I'm using Ubuntu and have good 2 fans CPU cooler. What settings do you recommend me to try considering that PC works all the time?
  9. V

    Question Does RAM speed affect iGPU performance ?

    As we know iGPU uses shared memory as their vram and that shared memory is taken from system's total RAM. So if I increase the frequency of my ram, will it boost my iGPU's performance? Btw what's the clock speed of GTX 1650's vram?
  10. M

    Question Enabling XMP profile

    I do currently have my new setup: Cpu: i3 10100f Mobo: Gigabyte B460m Aorus pro RAM: 2x8 3200MHZ PNY XLR8 GPU: HIS RX 580 My rig currently has 2133MHZ on RAM and I look into bios that if i turn on XMP, it will run at 3200MHZ but my cpu only supports 2666MHZ, will enabling XMP for 3200MHZ just...
  11. flaiR-IV

    Question VERY poor game performance + cannot overclock anymore.

    Hello everyone. Recently, my system is taking a massive dump on itself and before I go out and buy a bunch of new parts, I'd like to see if anyone here can possibly make sense of my situation and give me some advice. My system: Ryzen 5 2600 MSI B450M Bazooka V2 MSI GTX 1070 Armor Corsair...
  12. S

    Question 8700k overclocking temps stock

    So im just getting into overclocking and put a Noctua dh15 on my 8700k. I ran a test of Cinebench to get a benchmark on stock with intel turbo before starting and I'm not sure why my temps are so high at 100% load. Obviously the 8700k runs hot, but not sure if I have headroom to start. Idle...
  13. S

    Question My oc fx 8320 good?

    CPU: 20.5 = 4.1ghz CPU core voltage:1.350 HT clock: 2400mhz (12.0x) Bus clock:stock 200 it is good? im noob in oc lol motherboard m5a78l m plus power supply 600 thermaltake cooler master 240 masterliquid lite
  14. Paras.K

    Question Overclock I3 9350KF with MSI H310M motherboard

    Hello respected i have a pc with specs- 8GB DDR4 2400MHz I3 9350KF @ 4GHz base and 4.6GHz turbo frequency (currently running 4.5GHz) MSI H310M motherboard currently max tempretures are with max gaming and streaming 75-78 degrees as my processor is unlocked and i cant afford a z series...
  15. Q

    Question 8 gb(2x4gb) only shows half the value. Feel like I tried everything.

    8 gb(2x4gb) only shows half the value I checked cmd, Windows, and BIOS. They all show 4gb installed. It all started when I suddently got huge frame drops while playing COD: Warzone. I then realised my total ram had gone from 32gb (8gb(2x4gbx)x4 slots) to 16gb. I have tested every single stick...
  16. Loganboamo

    Question Oc my ram to 2933 or 3200

    So i purchased 3200 mhz ram but im running it at 2933 mhz. My timings are 17-19-19-39 with a vram voltage of 1.350. I keep crashing and am really struggling to find the right settings. my pc- i9 9900k 4.7 gtx 1070 16gbs 3200mhz (trying to oc to 2933) g skill ripjaws 500 watt PSU Z390 a pro...
  17. A

    Question Voltage setting for AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor Manual Overclocking.

    Hello, I want to know what voltage should be set for manual overclocking for my AMD Ryzen 7 3700X processor using AMD Ryzen Master software. I am running my processor at a frequency of 3,700 MHz manually with voltage set to 1.2V using AMD Ryzen Master. (Motherboard used: MSI B450 Gaming Plus) I...
  18. Lefteris Fousteris

    Question Increasing ring ratio on locked CPU Intel Core i5 4690 (non K) H97 chipset

    Hello, I have an i5 4690 non K 4 core 4 thread CPU on a MSI H97 Gaming 3 Motherboard (with most recent bios m-flashed successfully) I've had this question for a long time so i'll cut to the chase. FYI: I am running this with a MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G Ive had some obvious bottleneck issues on...
  19. J

    Question XMP makes my PC randomly reboot, no blue screen

    Hi, So I was recently trying to overclock my PC since I got COD Cold War, and my frame were okay, but not great. I have a 144 hz monitor, and my PC was struggling to put out 110 on most maps, and dipped constantly below 60 fps during gunfights, explosions, etc. Was not consistent at all, so I...
  20. Steamy_Steve

    [SOLVED] Memtest86, when is it *reasonably* long enough?

    Ultimately I opted for a 128GB (4x32), 3600MHz, CL18 kit (not that I had much variety to pick from). I've overclocked my i9 10900KF @5.0GHz, set the RAM profile to XMP II and started testing. One hour of Prime95, first Small and then Large FFTs, showed no stability issues, with core temps...