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  1. Debort123

    Question New Laptop cpu temps jumping.

    I just got a new laptop not even 3 days ago. It’s a Dell G3 15” gaming laptop. After setting things up I checked out AlienWareCC . It’s shows me all my clock speeds and temps for CPU,GPU etc. One thing I noticed was that my cpu on idle with nothing going on was around 50-60. But it wasn’t even a...
  2. Gavin Crane PC

    Question CPU randomly overheats

    At random times throughout the day, my 3700x will spike to 90+ C causing a system shut down while doing light tasks, gaming or even idling. When using stress tests such as prime 95 it peaks at 70-75C. I am using a 240mm AIO which I think may be the culprit, but I don't have another cooler to...
  3. B

    Question I7 6700k overheating to 100°c

    I have a z270m mortar board I7 6700k cpu 2 corsair 8gb 3000mhz sticks (new) 1 gskill 8gb 3000mhz stick (old but never had an issue til upgrade) And my cpu cooler is a enermax liqtech I recently got 2 sticks of corsair ram and finally got around to installing them. As soon as i put them in i...
  4. J

    Question i7 6700k core not working

    I have been using this build for almost 3 years now. It was working fine without any issues until now. My Build Intel i7 6700k @ 4GHz Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard Coolermaster Nepton watercooler 2 X 8GB HyperX Vengeance 256 GB SSD Samsung 2TB HDD Asus Geforce GTX 1080Ti Stric Antec Gold Series...
  5. F

    Question Is my CPU's temperature good?

    So i have a Ryzen 1500x and it does not go over 70C without xmp, but with XMP it maxes at 76C on Prime95. Is that safe?
  6. [SOLVED] Ryzen 2600X 60C Idle, 90-100C Stress testing

    Just upgraded from intel-4590 to ryzen 2600x and msi b450 tomahawk, idle temps and stress temps are very high, i updated the bios, checked if cpu cooler is installed, its not loose, took some screenshots of ryzenmaster and task manager if that helps :) Im using NZXT h500 without the case fans...
  7. A

    Question CPU overheating with AIO

    Hey guys, I’m having CPU cooling problems. I have an intel i7 6700k cooled by an EK-XLC Predator 280 AIO cooler. It has worked flawlessly for the last 3 years however just now my CPU has started to overheat it gets up to about 89-90+ degree range just in desktop. Is there something I can do...
  8. T

    Question Please help me isolate this weird issue

    Hi guys, I have a 6 year rig which has served me fine until now. It has been randomly freezing (I can't move the mouse, keyboard, ctrl-alt-del, etc.). And when I restart I notice that my monitor says "no signal". Until a few more restarts then it starts working and the process repeats. I...
  9. Wombat_Assassin

    Question GTX 670 seriously overheating

    So a few weeks ago my PC would just randomly shut off and I had no idea why. I googled it and they said to check the computer temps. I downloaded HWMonitor and reaslised that the CPU was fine, but the GPU was at around 60-70* at idle, and climbed into the 90-100* range when playing games (even...
  10. vishalaestro

    Question Laptop CPU temp reaching 100c after replacing thermal paste, Processor screw head worn out

    My laptop is Dell latitude E5420, i7 2620M,8GB Ram with 128GB SSD. As i noticed the CPU temperatures getting to 95c with stock thermal paste. I decided that i could replace the thermal paste and clean the heatsink from dust. I brought a generic thermal paste which is white in color because i...
  11. A

    Question Is it safe to clean the computer?

    I have never cleaned my computer, last time it was cleaned, that was 2014's autumn, when it started restarting and something bad happened, so it had to be taken to the computer repairsman. Anyway, recently i started fearing that my pc would overheat and die, so i decided to look at the cpu...
  12. M

    Question cpu temperature jumping up and down after applying thermal paste

    Hello Everyone, I am using a laptop within Intel 6200u i5 , 8gb ram and 480gb SSD. It is 3.5 years old. Intel HD 520 gpu So i thought of putting new paste, before applying my temp was max 75 degree when playing games and from 45-55 max when using laptop. I bought a PCCOOLER GT-1 paste and...
  13. S

    Question Total Shutdown after 5mins

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here, so I hope I'm posting in the right section. The story: I've an old (but she's been serving me well all these years) Toshiba Satellite L850-F33B. SPECS: Core i7-3610QM 2.3Ghz, Quad Core with HT 12Gb RAM AMD Radeon HD7600M OS: Windows 10 Pro Build 1903 Other...
  14. S

    Question NEW Ryzen 3600x Overheat

    I have been trying to solve this issue for DAYS now. My CPU has pretty high temps. GTA V - 73 degrees, Cinebench - 86ish degrees, aida64 - 93 degrees, prime95 - over 95 easily if the Vcore is not on auto, basically shutdown. Idle bounces around from 43 - 60 degrees, mainly staying around 55ish...
  15. Kazeeztherabit

    Question Is MY Gpu Overheating?

    I have gtx 1070 Inno 3d. The temps go upto 83c on max load,is that an issue??
  16. L

    Question Brand New H100i Pro RGB Getting Hot

    I have an intel core i7 am using the H100i Pro RGB along with a NZXT S340. I mounted the radiator on the front panel with the fans (as in the side revealing the Corsair logo) forward facing the ram, cpu, and mobo. This is my 2nd H100i RGB Pro, as I returned my first thinking the problem was the...
  17. A

    Question I bought a new Hp omen 15 with rtx 2070 and i7 9Th gen. And it overheats constantly.

    So i bought this laptop not even a week ago. (Hp omen with rtx 2070 and i7 9th gen) And im having heating issues. Temps are in range of 85-95c during gaming and about 55-70 during casual stuff like browsing , movies and stuff. Is there any way to reduce these temps so as to not to risk the life...
  18. Karim Mohammed

    Question My laptop is overheating,,,

    Hello, I have a problem... since 3 month My laptop is overheating when I playing any game CPU reach 70:75 GPU reach 95!! with 10 FPS !!!! I am using a cooler and in a normal status CPU reach 40:45 GPU reach 40:45 I just repaste theCPU&GPU with Arctic Silver 5 and clean it...(since 24 hours)...
  19. L

    Question Legion Y530/ I5-8300H ¿overheating during gaming?

    I recently bought a Legion Y530 with the following specs: Intel Core i5-8300H 8GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1050 2VRAM WD Black SN750 SSD - 500GB (Bought separately from the laptop) I read many reviews of this model and knew that it was a hot machine, specially considering that laptops are not made to be...
  20. C

    Question New PC overheating HELP

    So I'm really new to PC gaming (was a console player forever). I run fortnite and OBS on my PC which makes it very hot. I really don't want to ruin or kill this PC so any advice on how to make it run cooler or parts that would help make it more efficient would be awesome. Also I've only had this...