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  1. Mutebb

    Question Solution for an overheating RTX 2060 Ventus ?

    Hi I have a problem when I play games like destiny my gpu temp reaches 86 and I think this isn't normal any solutions pls?
  2. M

    Question NVMe SSD has some melted substance on the PCB ---- Can it be saved ?

    Hey there guys, new to the forum here. I have a 1TB NVME drive, and as you can see in the comparison photo between mine, and a functioning one, there appears to be some kind of black melted substance covering a small portion of the PCB. The subtance is hard to the touch. It was sent to me by a...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] System Shut down.

    Yesterday I was doing some casual gaming when my pc completely shut down... Now when I try to boot it up, the fans turn on for half a second then the system shuts down again. For more context...... I built my system less than a month ago and only used new vital parts such as my CPU...
  4. pcgamerover5000

    [SOLVED] My CPU is overheating while playing games! Help!

    Hello Everyone, I built my first pc a couple months ago and everything has been running smoothly until recently when i experienced my first PC restart while playing a game. I just found out the red CPU light on my motherboard means that the CPU is VERY hot, I didn't know this and I've been...
  5. M

    rise of tomb rider not starting

    i installed rottr on my laptop but it is not launching??
  6. A

    Uncorrectable sector count

    This morning on startup chkdsk ran twice on a newly installed hard drive. I decided to check it with Crystaldiskinfo. Never having used it before, I need some help deciphering it. The hard drive in question just came out of waranty (it figures) and I've never used it before. Here is the info...
  7. J

    A8 6600k+HD 6570 or A8 7600?

    What should I choose? A8 6600k+HD 6570 xfired or A8 7600 standalone? I'm planning to buy this on the next few weeks, any suggestions will help. Thanks in advance.
  8. V

    Who do I sell these new cpu processors to?

    I have 5 intel extreme i7 professors and 2 workstation/ server e5 processor how do I sell these?