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    Question Laptop keys repeating without being pushed, issue spreading ( Overpowered 17+ / Tonfang GK7CN6S )

    As the title describes, the laptop is reading keyboard inputs even when i'm not pressing anything. Nothing feels off with the keys when pressed, and pressing them does lead to an independent input, but as stated they will randomly go off on their own even when not pressed. It started as just...
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    Question USB 3.0 only working as 2.0

    My 3 USB 3.0 Ports are recognized as 2.0 USB ports. This is after a clean windows install. My laptop is the OP-LP2 I've checked online and I have the same issue that this other guy had: https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/usb-3-0-only-working-as-2-0.3199610/ The USB Device Tree Viewer Shows...
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    Question Backlight flickering past ~20%

    I have a Tongfang Chassis, one of Walmart's "OP" branded laptops. (1060, 16gig variant) Backlight was working generally fine aside from random occasional flickering that I assumed was related to the bios, but that only lasted for a few seconds in-game. While I was playing a game with my sister...