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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Quick question before I reformat

    I've got a problem with my drive configuration. Somehow I'm using my old, plain-jane ssd as my C: drive and my new Optane 900P as an additional drive. There are quite a few utilities I can use to make a disk copy to sort this out. I'm checking out Samsung Magician at this moment. My question...
  2. K

    Which hardware should I upgrade

    Hello, I have a quite old pc with the specs below: MSI 870-G54 Phenom II X2 BE565 8 GB HyperX Ram Zotac GTX460 I think it is time for me to upgrade since newer games cause a lot of challenge to my rig. Unfortunately I don't have a big budget. I thought of getting Asus M5A97 with AMD FX-6300...