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  1. PetrosPlz

    Question I changed cooler and my temps are so high

    Hello! A few hours ago i upgraded from a stock AMD cooler to a corsair h100i rgb platinum for the R5 2600. I installed perfectly the cooler and when i opened a temperature program it said that the temperature was about 90C i thought that the cooler was broken or smth and i installed back the...
  2. J

    How to fix no power due to plugging dvd rom while pc is on

    I found out that dvd was not working then upon checking my cpu,the supply cable wasn't plugged in so i plug it in. My pc instantly shuts down and won't open again. Mouse lights up but fan and push button switch is not working at all. Can i do something about it ? A friend told me that it is a...
  3. A

    Need Help upgrading from Pentium E5400 to FX 4300/i3 2120

    Currently i am using pentium e5400 but I need to upgrade ASAP to play Watch Dogs. I was planning for Pentium G2120 but it won't be as good as any quad core. I am also from India, and here Haswell Pentium chip is not widely availabe and xtrmly pricey, same as FX 4300... My Budget is Rs- 9000/-...
  4. T

    Checking Motherboard Compatibility Help

    Hi. I was wondering if someone could help check the compatibility of the motherboard I want with the pieces I have. I posted a similar question before but messed up one letter with a typo on my graphics card making it seem like I had a different one. I also changed the motherboard I wanted. Upon...
  5. S

    BSOD after Windows 7 clean install

    Hi Guys, Last night I formatted my hard drive and did a clean install of retail Windows 7 Pro. The installation completed copying files then asked for a restart as part of the installation process. On restart I get a BSOD at the animated windows logo screen, and the loop repeats. I have tested...