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  1. A

    Question Ozone or ASUS Monitor?

    Hey everyone! I'm about to buy the Ozone OZDSP25PRO but I've read that a lot of people get dead pixels right away or after a few days using it. I'm thinking about buying the ASUS VP249QGR instead. Maybe the MSI Optix G241V? Which one will be better in terms of not giving me headaches?
  2. H

    Star citizen is very slow

    So here is the deal star citizen is running so slow my processor is intel i5-4670k and my graphics card is Nvidia geforce 780 oc. I turned all of my settings on low and when i playing i would get 40-50 fps and then suddenly it ould drop to 1,2 fps all of a sudden and just freezes. If someone...
  3. watafak

    No sound on subwoofer after motherboard upgrade.

    Hello, i just installed my new MSI GAMING 7, with realtek audio hardware. However after checking 10 times my 3.5mm jacks for being setup correctly i cant make the subwoofer play at youtube videos or anything, unless i use the swap center-woofer option, but the sound is weird. I had NO problem...