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  1. J

    Question What thermal pads should I use for my GPU?

    Hello, i'm new here and I was hoping if you guys can help me with some questions I have regarding my gpu maintenance. I have a Gigabyte GeForce RTX™ 2060 OC 6G ( for almost 4 years and everytime I do maintenance to my gpu, it's...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] ROG STRIX RTX 2080 8G OC Thermal Pads Specifications

    Hello, I have an Asus ROG Strix-RTX2080-O8G-Gaming (it's the OC model) video card and recently it started becoming very noisy. It reaches temperatures of 74 to 75 deg C. I know they are not dangerous, but it makes too much noise. I tried different drivers, although I didn't have the problem...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] MSI GF63 8RC won't boot ?

    Hi, i had recently issues with my MSI GF63 8RC laptop as it was overheating and then turns off the game i am playing or when running gpu benchmark. I opened it and cleaned the fan , removed the heatsink and applied new thermal paste and new thermal pads When i turned it on after that I fired...
  4. TrantaLocked

    Internet dropping for unknown reason

    I’ve recently been experiencing a network issue in which web pages suddenly will fail to load, despite the wifi connection remaining fine. It happens randomly but is guaranteed to happen within the first hour of browsing the web. It does not happen with other devices, and when it does happen...
  5. G

    Maintaining The Library: How GOG Is Preparing For Windows 10

    GOG is preparing its catalog of current and classic games to work with Windows 10. So far, the process has been easy, with only a few hiccups by way of bugs and a few incompatibility issues. Maintaining The Library: How GOG Is Preparing For Windows 10 : Read more
  6. P

    CPU Temperature Question

    Why does HWMonitor say that my CPU temp is over 100 Celsius most of the time? Here's a screenshot. Am I doing something wrong or is there anything I can do to fix it?