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    [SOLVED] Virtual memory vs Page file usage & committed memory

    When I check performance monitor page file usage is something usually extremely low. For example if I set my virtual memory to 4096mb and on average usage% is 0.032, it is only 14mb. Monitor: Page file: Manager: If the...
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    [SOLVED] 500GB NVMe SSD - Fixed permanent page file vs automatically managed

    Hi all, I have 8GB of RAM, and although I should upgrade I would rather not buy another stick. I was given advice on another thread saying that setting a permanent page file of 4096mb would be "faster" than setting my page file automatically. It seems to be enough for running a game and a few...
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    [SOLVED] Optimal min & max page filing size for 250 GB SSD, 1TB HDD with 16GB of RAM

    Sadly I don't have those things, but theoretically if I did use the SSD for OS systems and the HDD for installing games, what would be the optimal page filing sizes for both? I know that the HDD should have a higher page filing, but by how much exactly if you customized it?
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    Question Enabling page file in windows 10 makes boot time go from 9secs to 55secs.

    Hey guys, I have a laptop with i5-9300h, 1650 gpu and 16gb dual channel ram.. My problem is, that if I keep my windows page file disabled, the boot time is usually under 10 secs but If I have a page file with system managed size, my boot time becomes really slow, upto a min (the circle thing...
  5. teqq

    [SOLVED] page file size and stutter

    8GB ram win7, win10 when i set pagefile to less than 8GB it starts stuttering in battlefield 5 even tho it uses like 2gb of page file at most, so like i set it to 4gb and then it starts lagging even tho it's not even using past 2gb 8gb pagefile = no lag ( 2gb used) 4gb pagefile = lag (...
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    Question Apps crashing, RAM underused, Virtual memory 99%

    I'm having trouble with my virtual memory and RAM. I have 32gb of DDR4 RAM but Windows 10 seems to be vastly underutilizing it. At the moment, I'm sitting at 26% RAM usage and 99% virtual memory (or swap or page file or whatever this bs is called). Even when I turn off my applications, the...
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    [1sl*/2ad*/3ts*]Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB: A Worthy Micro ATX Upgrade?

    What does $60 in RGB get you in an upgraded Corsair case? We check it out! [1sl*/2ad*/3ts*]Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB: A Worthy Micro ATX Upgrade? : Read more
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    Correct preamp input?

    I just bought a Sony S TR – DH1 20 receiver, and I am trying to hook up my old Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable... I connected it through a Pyle PP444 preamp to the MD-Tape input, but the sound is very low... What am I doing wrong?
  9. B

    WINDOWS 10 not booting after partitioning C drive

    I bought a new laptop and using disk management, i partitioned my C drive from 930 GB TO 530 GB. Now unable to partition anymore, i decided to use 3rd party software's to partition the C drive and cut down my C drive to 130 GB. After the laptop restarted, Windows is unable to boot. Please help...
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    GTX 980 Ti Resolution Issues

    Recently been having some issues with my desktop's display. Red horizontal lines flickering on the screen (mostly in black and darker colour areas) but after doing a clean driver install things seem to be okay except for my monitor's resolution. The lines are gone but the monitor isn't fully...
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    Are BIOS Updates Permanent?

    Is updating you BIOS completley seperate from you Hard Disk and saved to the motherboard somehow and are the updates permanent?
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    Nvidia optimus - GTX765M cannot be found and drivers cannot be installed on new Windows install

    So basically I had to format the drive due to a big issue which isn't important (needed one anyway) so I've formatted the drive and installed the drivers... all except the Nvidia graphics card which isn't even found on GPU-Z. It's a Clevo W230ST. I have no clue what to do, when I run the driver...