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  1. T

    Question Recommended Paint Colours for Vibrant Pink & White Case Mod (Metal)?

    Hi there guys, I'm building my partner's PC with her and I need some recommendations for spray paint brands or certain colours of pink you've seen or used that will work well on the metal Cooler Master NR200P (white). Would I need a primer or would the white be good enough to paint directly...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Painting ASUS ROG STRIX 1070 to white. Can I use this spray paint?

    I want to paint the shroud of my ROG STRIX 1070 to white. I won't paint the fans and the backplate, just the shroud. Can I use this spray paint? View: Thank you. I've been trying to find plasti dip here but I can't find it, do you have any other recommendations?
  3. Insane Potatoz

    [SOLVED] Painting GPU fans/backplate/shell?

    Hello everyone, I'm going to do a Budget build with the theme of Black, White, and RGB. For this build, I want an RX 570. Originally, I wanted the Asus Strix 570, but the price is not $140 instead of the original $120. The only other $120 rx 570s are the Sapphire Pulse edition, XFX version, and...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Why does MS Paint change the bit depth in a PNG-file?

    Hello everyone I have been working with PNG-files in MS Paint, the Windows 10 version. I have some questions, regarding why MS Paint changes the bit depth in a PNG-file. Examples: I open MS Paint draw some lines on the white background and SAVE AS – bit depth 24 I then reopen the picture and...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Remove Red from AOC Monitor

    So I have been looking for a new monitor for a while, and what I'm looking for is a 1080p 144Hz monitor that is G-Sync compatible and doesn't break the bank. Considering this factors I came to the conclusion that my best option was the AOC G2590FX. The thing is the monitor has an horrible red...
  6. T

    Question Painting GPU heatsink/fan shroud?

    I have a KingPin card at the moment and it's overall a good card, but the copper plated heatsink looks extremely ugly in my black and white build. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to change the colour of the heatsink without increasing temperatures by too much, whether it is through...
  7. opel65

    Steelseries 6GV2, only one button keeps failing

    Hello fellow forum-goers, I've been using this mechanical keyboard for about 2 years and had no issues with it. I mostly play CS-GO. Recently I started noticing that my "D" key is sometimes either registering too many presses or not registering any press downs at all. For example I press the D...
  8. D

    Coolermaster Mastercase Pro 5 ODD and case fans

    I recently bought the Mastercase Pro 5 and some Noctua case fans to go with it. The case came with two front fans and one rear fan, so I bought 3 noctua case fans, two for the top, and one more for the front. I recently bought a blu-ray burner that I wanted to install, but now I have to remove...
  9. L

    Built my new pc but no display on monitors Those are the parts on my new pc that I built. It was more of an upgrade so same power supply, case, CD drive etc. Those were just the new parts. After installing everything nothing popped up on my screen. Any suggestions before worrying about something bad...
  10. H

    Asus GeForce 1050ti 4gb compatible

    Motherboard Msi 970 gaming CPU AMD fx-4170 guad core 450w input GPU Asus GeForce 1050ti 4gb
  11. markss

    PC not good enough for PCSX2?

    So I got PCSX2 today and after configuring everything I got really disappointed when I couldn't get a playable experience. A thing that I spotted was "Utilization Limit" in MSI Afterburner. When I boot up a game, the utilization limit instantly turns on. Also the GPU usage does not go above 40%...
  12. M

    Haswell vs ivybridge vs skylake

    Im trying to understand why i5 3470 is slower than i5 4460 which slower from ir 6400 i5 3470 has the higher clock,and from what i read haswell is 5-10% more faster and skylake faster from haswell the same. But what i cant understand,is why? i cant find something except that they have different...
  13. B

    Pairing wireless headphones and mics with wired karaoke machine

    My wireless mic lowers music music volume on karaoke machine when singing with wireless headphones only how do I make it right
  14. C

    Low resolution CPU

    Hello, have to decide which cpu to get. Running a low resolution screen 1368x768, so im looking for a decent cpu enough to support new games. Considering that resolution is low, got r7 370 recently and thinking about which CPU to get, was thinking about some i5 and i hope its gonna be enough.Any...
  15. R

    Windows 10 login issues.

    I have just downloaded Windows10 and now I cannot login with any username or password. I cannot do a reset or anything beyond intial login page of windows 10.
  16. K

    gtx 960 failing?!

    i just bought a gtx 960 palit jetstream 4gb and have been playing on bf4 at 1080p on ultra at 60+ fps, now i have 30 fps on every graphical setting and i dont know whats happening please help.
  17. LieutenantDansLegs

    PC Will Not Respond

    The other day I was talking with my friend over skype, downloading a relatively small file, and watching a youtube video, and just like that my screen went blank and my computer shut off. I turned my computer back on and the screen acted like it wasn't plugged in, as did my keyboard and mouse...
  18. M

    whitch one of these 2 builds are the best for gaming?

    build number 1 cpu: Intel Core i5 4690K Turbo 4.2GHz card : nVidia GeForce GTX970 4GB OC RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz hard drive (SSD): Crucial BX100 - 250GB + 1tb blue WD mobo: Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 water cooling: CoolerMaster Seidon 120V power: Cooler Master G750M, 750W - Modular case: NZXT Source...
  19. B

    rekt m8 nah

    what happens if you touch the power supply with a screwdriver
  20. DaronMal

    GPU still crashing, still dont know what to do!

    I've been having issues with this for about 2-3 months. My PC will either black screen and return to normal, or freeze and I have to shut it down/restart to fix it. I've figured out its my GPU driver I've also noticed it only does it when I pause/start a Youtube video. "Display driver amdkmdap...