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  1. R

    Question Best GPU for AMD Athlon II X4 635 OC

    I have an old PC lying around with an AMD Athlon II X4 635 in it. I've seen people recommend the GTX 750 Ti for this at stock speed. However, I want to overclock my CPU. Most people have gotten it around 3.6-7 gHz. What would be the best GPu paring for it at those speeds? A GTX 760 or 770?
  2. S

    Question Upgraded PC with a different pair of ram, Not detecting :(

    Hi guys So my pc currently has 8gb (2x4gb) of gskill ddr3 ram, which is not quite enough anymore so i decided to upgrade it with another pair of 2x4gb ram from patriot. Little did I know that the second pair would not be detected by my computer This is my new Patriot ram: And this is my...
  3. E

    Gainward GTX 570 Phantom

    I got a pc from my cousin,installed new windows and everything worked fine. Other day i turned my pc on, and it wasnt booting,there was only grey screen. I installed again windows and it worked normally. After installing drivers i needed to restart pc and after it blue screen occured.I entered...
  4. H

    Best SSD For The Money

    I'm deciding on a couple of different SSDs around the price range of 50-70 dollars. I've been looking at 120 GB just cuz I'm only putting the OS in there since idc about loading time for programs and games. So far I came up with two: SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB PNY CS1311 120 GB Both are 2.5 inch...
  5. Anti-grandbean

    {WTB} Semi - Fully Modular power supply 750-850W

    Below I will list acceptable power units and my negotiable prices - this only has to last me till my boyfriend 'gifts' me the power supply we bought on Newegg last night. Apparently it's his Christmas gift to me and I have to wait. I would like a unit to have proof of purchase and still be under...